Ant Queens and Carpenter Ant Colony

Ant Queens and Carpenter Ant Colony

Carpenter ants colonies are an amazingly complex network of social interactions, which is really a wonder of evolutionary innovation. Each type of carpenter ant has a certain role to play. The queen is the most important carpenter ant within a colony because of her ability to lay eggs and birth future generations.

Her role is compromised of one single task which is why the distinctive title of queen is given to her. A colony will typically only have one queen, but there are occasions throughout Canada where a colony can be so great in number, that two to three distinct colonies can occupy the same large space, which means that up to three queens can exist in one large structure. If you would like to get rid of your carpenter ants quickly it is best to hire Carpenter Ant Control Toronto!

The queen carpenter ant is a subspecies that exists to produce future generations of carpenter ants. Male carpenter ants not of the worker or soldier subspecies will mate with winged females who then drop their wings and seek out new structures to colonize. Once a queen has found a new colony to set up in, she will lay her eggs and exist on fat reserves until the new colony emerges to start the cycle all over again.

A queen carpenter ant serves no other purpose but to produce future generations. Soldiers and workers will also work around the clock to protect her at all costs. If you have ever thought of trying to find a queen in a carpenter ant colony, I must inform you that these attempts are rather futile, considering that finding the queen is like finding a needle in a haystack The queen is deeply hidden in a private chamber and is protected around the clock. While finding her and killing her would prevent more colonies from branching out once they are mature enough to swarm, it will not destroy the active colony.

Carpenter ant queens are usually only divided between one per colony. There are instances where multiple queens can exist within the same large structure, meaning there are multiple colonies inside of the structure. 

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