cockroaches infestation in restaurant

How To Deal With Roaches in a Restaurant

Cockroach in restaurant is quite common situation. If you want to protect your restaurant from cockroaches then you need to know more information on them and where they like to hide. It is very important to avoid finding them in your restaurant because may cause diseases if found in food. Their saliva, eggs, and cuticles can be left behind. In some results you can even get food poisoning. In a kitchen is a great habitat for them to live because there is a lot of food and many spaces for them to investigate.

First step is to inspect all of the floors, walls, and equipment. You will most likely find them hidden in cracks or crevices in the wall, so make sure that you cover and repair any openings. It is also important to store food in tight-fitting lids. Make sure that when you get supplies throw the cardboard out immediately. All surfaces should be at least 6 inches from the ground such as file cabinets and refrigerator units. That way it is easier to clean underneath. It is also safe to remove posters from the walls, unless they are secured on all four sides. Call professional cockroach control Toronto for more sophisticated pest control solutions.

Their favorite places to be is in a cupboards, kitchen sinks, and drainboards. If you see a cockroach during the day then there is most likely a lot more nearby because they are nocturnal and look for food at night when it’s dark. At night make sure you empty and clean the trash cans. Clean your kitchen thoroughly and you will decrease the chance of having cockroaches. If you have an infestation then make sure that you seek a professional pest control company immediately. For an effective cockroach control solutions for restaurants you will need professional help. We offer customized commercial pest control programs that work. Call: 647-496-2211