Three Natural Cockroach Home Remedies – They Do not Work as Well

Three Natural Cockroach Home Remedies – Do They Work?

In Canada, cockroaches are one of the most common pests found in many homes. They come into homes in search of food and water, and because they reproduce quickly, you must take quick measures to perform cockroach control as fast as possible.

There are many products available in Canada that can help reduce a cockroach infestation, but these products pose health risks. Hence many residents opt for natural remedies.

Natural remedies are great and safe which means that dangerous chemicals are not used. However, they are not so effective, and even when they remove cockroaches, you’ll get a new infestation not long after.

Below are three natural cockroach home remedies that do not work so well:

1. Baking soda paste – Not effective for a more significant roach infestation

The remedy is natural and involves creating a baking soda paste and applying it to the areas where roaches have been sighted. This mixture contains equal parts of sugar and baking soda.

The reasoning behind this remedy is that sugar will attract the cockroaches to the paste and after ingesting it, their internal organs will explode due to the gas from the baking soda. You will likely not have any success with this method if you are dealing with a bigger cockroach problem.

2. Coffee Grounds – Cannot Permeate Nooks and Crannies

The smell of coffee lures cockroaches out from the dark corners of your home. It’s one of the most used natural remedies and can be temporarily effective at drawing out some roaches. This treatment involves placing some coffee in a jar inside a bowl of water. Cockroaches are attracted to the smell of the coffee and end up drowning in the bowl of water.

But, what about areas in your home that this smell cannot penetrate? And what if you have a large infestation that reproduces faster than your coffee method can terminate them?

Cockroaches reproduce every 20-30 days and even shorter in warmer temperatures. When they are in your home, they will reproduce faster, and this coffee ground method may not be able to tackle the rapid growth of the infestation.

3. Soap and Water Spray – Can Only Kill a Few Cockroaches at a Time

Cockroaches, like all other bugs, breathe through the microtubes on their bodies. Dousing them with soapy water will create a thin layer around their body that will eventually lead to death from suffocation. The mixture includes a little soap and warm water, which is sprayed directly on the roaches.

Spraying roaches with warm soapy water will kill them immediately, but will not solve the real problem (the infestation).

If killing a few roaches is what you are looking to achieve, then one of the above home remedies might just be your thing. But, if you have the cockroach infestation then you should hire a professional exterminator to get rid of your problem permanently. An experienced professional service will protect you from many types of pests and not just cockroaches. The trained and certified pest control expert can help you get rid of any pests in your home or your workplace safely just call 647-496-2211 and we deal with all types of cockroach problems from German cockroaches to Brown-Banded cockroaches.


Article Updated: November 1st, 2018