Termite or Carpenter Ants – Know the Difference

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Know the difference between termite and carpenter ants. Termites and ants, particularly carpenter ants, often take up residence in the same place. For instance, they may both inhabit a hollow tree or a rotting stump or log. Because they often live so close to one another, it can be hard to tell the difference between the two. Before you call a pest control expert, you should know which pest invades your home or property.

Difference Between Termite and Carpenter Ants:

Termite Identification

Both carpenter ants and termites often create damage to wood in and around your home. Since they also often look alike, it is hard to know the difference unless you know what differences to identify. Fortunately, it is not as hard to differentiate between the two as it might seem.

Termites and carpenter ants may share similar behaviours, but that does not mean they are the same pest. You can identify a termite by taking a look more closely at physical appearances. Termites have a rectangular shape to them, which means they do not have a narrow waistline.

If you were to look closely enough, you may also notice that termites have antennae on their heads. The antennae are straight with no bends and appear beaded. Termites are also winged pests and they have a total of four wings to help them when they enter a swarm mode. Of course, carpenter ants share some similarities, but that does not mean they are the same.

Carpenter Ant Identification

Carpenter ants have a defined waistline that is narrow. That narrow waistline sits between the ant’s upper and lower body, which gives it more of an hourglass figure rather than rectangular one like termites. Carpenter ants, like termites, also have antennae on their head. However, the antennae of a carpenter ant have an elbow-like bend in them.

Just like termites, carpenter ants often enter a swarm mode, especially in the spring. Therefore, the carpenter ant has wings. However, if you look closely enough at the ant, you can see the wings are different sizes. Carpenter ants have four wings, like the termite. However, the front wings are longer than the back wings.

If you notice a pest in your home, contact a pest control professional. If you fail to destroy the entire ant colony, including the queen, ants will continue to invade your home repeatedly. Termites will also invade your home. To avoid issues with an infestation, have a professional ant control assist you in dealing with unwanted, unnecessary invaders.

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