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Is Clorox or Lysol More Effective at Disinfecting and Why?

In turbulent times like these, it is important to remember to keep your homes germ free as it greatly reduces the likelihood to get infected. Treating your house with disinfectant wipes during these times is the most cost and time-effective method to get your house as germ-free as possible, you also can call our professional disinfection service Toronto for fast solutions. As the market is flooded with disinfectant wipes Clorox and Lysol seem to be the most trustful brands when undertaking this task inside of your homes. To answer the above question it is important to know that both wipes claim to eradicate 99.9% of germs on any given surface. It is important to remember that a surface needs to be at least wet for four minutes. When thinking of Clorox most people will without a doubt associate it with bleach. In contrast, the Clorox disinfectant wipes as well as the Lysol wipes are completely free of bleach. Their active ingredient is actually named Alkyl C12-18 Dimethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride where the active ingredient is actually an antimicrobial ammonium compound that is responsible for disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces. The active ingredient is actually EPA-approved which makes it safe to use for consumers. Besides both containing the same active ingredient, Clorox and Lysol have no actual stark differences in what they achieve in the end. The material used for the wipes is such a minor difference that it does not have any effect on how effective the wipes are. If brand-loyalty is not one of your biggest concerns, then you should consider how to use disinfecting wipes properly to disinfect your surfaces in the best way possible. To properly disinfect your surfaces please read one of the most ignored pieces of texts next to the conditions and terms we often deliberately care not to read. As it turns out, these “Directions for Use” emphasize on pre-cleaning a surface for it then to be wiped with enough wipes to leave the surface wet for at least four minutes. Next, you want the surface to dry and avoid surface contact for at least ten seconds. It is important to avoid the use on these surfaces Do not use them on unpainted wood and unfinished, waxed or oiled surfaces.

As you now know how to properly disinfect using disinfectant wipes, you must remember that these methods have limitations as to how much they can cover and do. The Exterminators Inc offers professional disinfection and sanitization service can help you cover your entire house from every nook to every cranny to every corner in your house to prevent getting infected. We use non-chemical formulations in all our treatments which have a botanical active ingredient making it safe to use around the ones living in your home.