How Can I Naturally Remove the Stench from Persisted Rats

How To Get Rid of Rat Urine Smell

Rats are smelly creatures that will leave a mess of feces, urine, and debris behind them wherever they go. Even after extermination is complete, it’s important that you clean up after them to get rid of their smell. The smell could come from walls if rats built a nest inside your walls and if you…

Bed Bugs on Mattress

Do Bed Bugs Have Specific Smell?

Bed bugs do emit a specific odour from a combination of the insect’s feces, pheromones, scent glands and cast casings. In case of sever infestation in addition to smell you can find bed bug shells. The most common description for the bed bug smell is ‘sweet’ and ‘musty’ and very often compared to the smell of…