Weep Vent Chewed by Rodent

Case Study: Mice Chew Through Weep Vent Covers in Toronto

The following case study details a mouse control service in Toronto, Ontario. Mice were removed from a multi-residential building with the help of bait stations and an exclusion of the exterior. Within a few weeks, the mice were gone. If you have been witnessing mouse activity in your home, give us a call. A technician…

Case Study: Mice Climb Brick Walls to Attic

Case Study: Mice Climb Brick Walls to Attic

The following article details a mouse removal and pest-proofing job in North York. It was December, and the homeowner in this case was hearing noises in the attic. Invasions like these are common in the fall and winter when pests need a warm place to stay. A complete inspection, removal program, and pest-proofing were carried…