What Sort Of Diseases Do Mice Carry?

Mice are a big nuisance in our homes; from destroying items to eating everything around, these little animals are unwelcome guests in our homes. If your thought that was all, well think again, their biggest threat is the disease they carry around with them. Some of these diseases include the following bellow. Don’t let things get out of hand. Call The Exterminators for professional mouse exterminator perform a treatment. 

1 .Typhus

It is normally spread through bites by fleas from infected rodents. Its main symptoms include: fever, headache, rash and even respiratory attacks. It is however easily treatable through antibiotics.

2. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)

This often fatal disease is transmitted through coming into contact with infected rodents or their droppings or urine. It may also be spread through inhaling dust that is contaminated with infected rodents’ urine or droppings.

3. Plague

Plague was once a deadly disease that killed millions of people but is currently under control. However, there are areas in the world where the disease still occurs. It normally attacks a person’s circulatory and respiratory systems and is fatal within a few days. The mode of transmission is through bites by fleas from infected rodents or by handling an infected rodent.

4. Pox

Pox is normally transmitted through bites by mites from affected mice. Its symptoms include: fever, headaches and rashes.

5. Rat-Bite Fever

This fever is mostly spread by rats but mice can also transmit. It is normally spread through bites or scratches by contaminated mice but may also be transmitted through drinking or eating contaminated water or food, or urine or feces coming into contact with open wounds.

6. Salmonella

This disease that is potentially fatal causes disorders of the intestines and is spread by both rats and mice. It is spread through contact with infected droppings or consumption of infected food or drinks. This disease may also affect many household pests.

The above diseases should be reason enough to keep these little rodents as far away from you as possible. It is also important to clean and disinfect all affected areas to prevent transmission through droppings.

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