Signs of a Mice Infestation – Is It Really Only That One Mouse?

Do you suspect that mice have invaded your home? Since mice are nocturnal, if you are not keen, you might not realize their presence until they become too much. So, you have to be keen so that you can notice some of the signs of a mice infestation before it is too late. If you have been experiencing any of these following signs you might want to consider hiring The Exterminators for our mouse control Toronto services.

Seeing Mice

Obviously. Keep in mind there is never only one. Mice are very careful in their movements, and they are rarely seen, especially during the day. However, sometimes, when they have to look for food, they come out. They sometimes get attracted to the smell of food, or when they site some food that they need to grab. Remember that if you see one mouse, then there is a possibility that there are more hiding somewhere.

Mice Droppings

If you bump upon little droppings across the house then it is a sure sign of the presence of mice. The droppings can be in hidden areas such as inside cupboards, or any area that the mice have made their nest. The droppings are the size of rice grains, and are either black or brown in color. They are also pointed at both ends.

Mouse Damage

Mice nibble on wires, furniture and other household items. So, if you realize that your items have nibble marks, then the pesky rodents are likely to be responsible. As mice grow older, they develop very strong teeth that can nibble through very tough materials. This means that they can cause extensive damages to the house if they are not controlled and eliminated.

Scratching and Squeaking Sounds

Mice make their movements at night, so if you are keen, you will hear them moving about. Listen to the scratching noises, on floorboards, cupboards and other places where the mice could be hiding. You may also hear their squeaking noises as they chase each other around the house.

Pungent Smell

When mice urinate, they leave a strong ammonia smell. So, if you notice that your house has a strong smell, you need to do a thorough search, because it could be an indication that you have a mice infestation. The more mice there are, and the longer they stay, then the smell is likely to be stronger. The smell is even stronger in enclosed areas such as cupboards and closets.

Smear Marks

As mice move around, they leave grease marks wherever they go. So, you may notice skid marks on your floor, especially along the walls because mice have very poor eyesight and they tend to move along the wall. They also tend to use the same route during movement, so as they stay longer, the marks become more obvious.

If you see signs of a mice infestation, it is advisable that you find ways of dealing with the situation before it worsens. Mice multiply very fast, and the more you leave them, then it may become very overwhelming. You should also know that having a mice infestation is not only damaging to property, but is also a health risk. It can cause salmonella and other diseases spread by rodents. There is a great article about how to keep mice out of shed in winter if want to get additional information.

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