How Do Rats Protect Themselves From Predators?

Rats are fascinating rodents. They roam around in the search of food and happen to make a few enemies on the way. The rat is one of the most sought-after prey as it is wanted by numerous predators including cats, weasels, hawks, owls, coyotes, foxes, to even raccoons.

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So it does not come as a surprise that the rat must be on high alert every time and must be ready to protect itself from predators. The rat is a nocturnal creator and so are most of these predators. So in case, something goes bad, how do rats fend for themselves when dealing with a predator. Rats are incredibly smart animals and construct burrows to hide themselves in.

rats inside the house
Rats can start out outside and end up inside the house.

The burrow also functions as a storage space for food. The rat always makes sure to be close to a food source to construct a burrow so it can go back and forth easily. In case a predator is targeting the rat, the rat then rushes inside the burrow.

The rat already thought out the escape plan well in advance. The burrow does not just have one exit which is used as an exit and an entry point but has two holes connecting so that the rat can enter either way. This is how the rat escapes predators by going into its safe house. If worse comes to worst, the rat is equipped with incredibly sharp teeth and very capable claws to deal with predators, but this is only a last resort and does not end up well all the time.

As good as a protection rat burrows are, they can be an issue for residents as most rat burrows in urban areas are dug and built on private property in gardens. These rat burrows have the appearance of a mole hole, and it seriously ruins the overall aesthetic of the garden. Not only that, but rats will also take whatever food they can find and keep it for themselves.

They can run rampant throughout the garden and segway into the house if the opportunity presents itself. Rats are a menace and do not stop for anything. There have been even cases, where rats would dig a burrow that would lead to the interior of the house itself. Rats are a threat to your house as they can find tons of ways to get inside of the interior through the multiple holes, crevices, and gaps that are formed in the foundation through wear and tear throughout the years.

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