Case Study Rat Infestation and Crawl Space Encapsulation in Toronto

Case Study: Rat Infestation and Crawl Space Encapsulation in Toronto

The following pest control case took place in the dynamic neighborhood in Toronto, Parkdale, more precisely, Little Tibet. It is a neighborhood dotted with all kinds of restaurants and shops owned by people of Tibetan origin. The homeowner complained about rat presence coming from the basement. After this, a technician was dispatched to the site to take a look at what was happening. To get rats out in your residential or commercial property contact Rat Control Toronto.

Exterior and Interior Inspection

This case is typical of a residential property in older established neighborhoods around the downtown area of Toronto. Most of these houses that are present can be dated to the early 19th Century. The house seemed to date back to 1889. Exteriors of these homes are often visibly deteriorated especially around the foundation of the building. Holes, tears, and foundational gaps can be found throughout the perimeter of the house. It is where rats and other rodents like mice can easily access the interior. Upon arrival, the technician on-site conducted an exterior inspection and concluded that the rats must have gotten access to the interior from a disused sewage pipe into the crawl space located in the basement. Even though these pipes are out of service, they still lead to the home.

Rats used these entry points to get inside the basement from sewerage pipes in disuse

Initial Measures Taken

To gauge the severity and prepare the crawl space for exclusion, the technician placed several snap traps around the basement and had to remove the garbage as well. Snap traps are highly charged traps that will kill a rat directly on impact.

Snap traps were strategically placed around the basement area. Rats perish immediately

Visible burrows were seen all over the crawl space as well as rat entry points that lead to the house. There was one sign that absolutely confirmed the presence of rats inside the crawl space and that was the noticeable presence of rat feces. Rat feces can be recognized by their black to dark-brown color and its tipped points on both edges.

Rat feces can be found all over the space that rats inhabit. They can be recognized by their black color and resembling pellets.


The technician conducted an interior inspection to find out where the rats spread from and how they got into the crawl space. The interior inspection is an absolute necessity and sets the tone for the rest of the exclusion process and the case as a whole. The technician carefully inspected the crawl space in search of entry points and burrows. This case was unique because the surface was made out of dirt which made it hard to move as well as being very restricted. To work in these spaces effectively, technicians must wear Personal Protected Equipment and in particular, a respirator mask. The mask prevents the technician from breathing in particles.

Personal Protective Equipment is a necessity when working in constricted dark spaces as well as wearing a mask along with a headlamp for visibility

It became clear that the rat exclusion job was going to be a two-man job. Another technician was called in to help with the exclusion process. The entire surface of the crawl space as well as the walls needed to be sealed with galvanized steel mesh. 288 Feet was needed to encapsulate the crawl space.

galvanized steel mesh is highly durable and flexible which make it the ideal material to protect residential properties in spaces like these

The crawl space was incredibly restricted where flexibility and coordination are necessary skills to have.

Laying flat is necessary when working in a crawl space


The total exclusion lasted 2 days. It was a big undertaking to make sure the entire crawl space was secured. The entry points were sealed off along with the now-empty burrows that the rats used to house themselves. The result is a tightly sealed crawl space where a second infestation is out of the question.

If you hear activity downstairs such as gnawing, pitter-patter, and even a live rat, call the technicians at The Exterminators Inc. immediately. If you live in an older neighborhood in and around the downtown area, the chance of attracting rats is very high. For more information contact our customer support team to receive a free over-the-phone consultation and to book your appointment!

Sealed entry points make sure that rats can not enter the space again. It is resistant against all kinds of attack