Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Mattress Cover Review

Bed bugs can nest in your mattress and one of the best ways to prevent bed bugs from infesting your mattress and linen is to hire a professional bed bug control company or invest in a bed bug proof mattress cover. If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality bed bug proof mattress cover, simply continue reading to discover whether it’s worth purchasing a Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Mattress Cover.

Unbiased Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Mattress Cover Review:

Key selling points:

1. Certified by an independent entomology laboratory

After a series of vigorous tests an unbiased entomology laboratory deemed the Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Mattress Cover 100% bed bug proof.

2. It completely covers your mattress

This particular model was designed to completely encapsulate your mattress, which will prevent bed bugs from nesting into your mattress and trap any bed bugs which have already made their way into your mattress from escaping. Any bed bugs stuck in your protective mattress cover will soon die, due to a lack of food.

As well as covering your mattress, this particular model can also be used to cover your box springs and pillows safely.

3. 100% waterproof

If you spill water or liquid on your mattress protector, you won’t have to worry about your mattress becoming damp or growing mold. As an added bonus, you are free to throw your mattress cover straight into your washing machine.

4. It discourages dust mites from nesting in your mattress and linen

Not only does the Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Mattress Cover discourage bed bugs from infesting your bed, but it can also decrease your chances of having dust mites spread through your bedroom.

So if you or a loved one suffers from asthma, it’s well worth purchasing a Protect-A-Bed Bug Mattress Cover. As the presence of dust mites will often set off asthma symptoms such as wheezing.

5. Elastic corners

If the thought of trying to fit a mattress protector gives you a headache, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Protect-A-Bed Bug Mattress boasts four elastic corners which make fitting your mattress protector a breeze.

Is the Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Mattress Cover all you need to remove bed bugs from your home permanently?

Unfortunately, while the Protect-A-Bed Bed Bug Mattress Cover is one of the highest rated bed bug mattress covers available, it works best as a preventative measure. As if you fail to exterminate pre-existing bed bugs, they are sure to survive in your sheets, duvet, and blankets.

Your only real option, when it comes to permanently eradicating bed bugs is better to call an experienced pest exterminator. As the licensed exterminator will have an access to the most effective pest control products on the market. Products which you’d never be able to obtain over the counter.

So if you’re looking to rid your home of pesky bed bugs, your first option should be to call the professional exterminator for a no-obligation quote. If you would like a professional exterminator to verify activity please call 647-496-2211.