How to Make a Live Mouse Trap that Works

So your home has been invaded by mice, and you’re desperate to get rid of them but aren’t too fond of the idea of physically harming them. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions out there that are both humane and simple to set up, especially with the help of a licensed exterminator. Exterminators are specialists in pest behaviour, and they are most likely to find efficient mice control solutions based on the behaviour of mice. If you want to trap mice there are humane ways to do so or you can choose some repellant solutions. However, remember that repellants are just a temporary solution for your mouse problem. You can read some about shake away mice repellent here. Here are two examples of how to make a live mouse trap that works.

Catching pests in a humane manner can be as easy as collecting mice in a bucket! Homeowners can set up a bucket with a skewered bottle balanced horizontally over the top- don’t forget to add a small ramp so the mice can get to the top of the bucket easily. The bottle which is placed over the top of the bucket needs to spin loosely and easily, and is then covered with a helping of peanut butter where the bottle label would usually be. Mice are attracted to peanut butter, and as they walk over the bottle to reach it, the bottle will spin under their weight and drop them into the bucket for easy collecting and relocation- now that is how to make a live mouse trap that works!

Another option is as simple as an upside down glass. Homeowners can take a glass, cover the inside in peanut butter and then place it upside down. The glass is then propped up on a coin- a quarter or dime works best. The idea with this mouse trap is that the mouse will climb inside the glass for the peanut butter and knock the coin out of place, trapping the mouse inside the glass. Removing it is then as easy as sliding some sturdy cardboard under the glass and holding it firmly in place so there is no chance of the mouse escaping. This is how to make a live mouse trap that works on only one mouse at a time, but can be continually set up.

The best solution to catching the mouse, however, is to work with a licensed exterminator. Mice mark their territory and can find the same territory even if they’ve been moved a considerable distance from the area. The exterminator is the best chance homeowners have of ensuring that the problem does not reoccur.

The exterminator can also find the openings that the mice originally came through, and not only seal the hole but also take some preventative measures to convince the mice to find a different home next time. Additionally, you can check our online store for the wide selection of mouse control products.