how to get rid of rats in my shed and under my house

How to Get Rid of Rats in my Shed and Under my House?

Are there rats in your yard, giving you trouble? Rats are awful pests that are unfortunately very common in cities in suburbs all over the province. These are smart, hard working animals that are difficult to get rid of without professional help. Rats frequently burrow under houses and sheds for their warmth and proximity to food. Understanding the causes of an infestation and preventing their entry into the house are key in their removal. Call The Exterminators for safe and guaranteed rat removal and exclusion services: 647-496-2211.

The Norway rat, or brown rat, is the most common species of rat in Ontario. This species has a head and body length of up to 28cm and a tail nearly just as long. Weighing up to 500g, the Norway rat has shaggy brown fur, beady black eyes, and a rounded snout. As a burrower, this rat builds extensive networks of tunnels underground that connect one food source to another. With time, these tunnels stretch into backyards, decks, sheds, and basements. Norway rats commonly break into these structures when looking for new territories, sources of food, and warm places to nest.

To get rid of the rats in your shed and under your house, start by looking for entry points. Potential entry points include a hole in your deck, a crack in the foundation, or a gap underneath the shed. Examine the perimeter of these structures closely and look for signs of rat activity. Once you have located the infestations, secure these areas with a 16-gauge, galvanized steel mesh. Dig a foot deep into the ground and screw the mesh right into the wall. Then, attach a one-way door to the mesh to allow the pests to exit. Place rodent bait stations next to the doors you installed. In the shed, you can set snap traps. A professional pest remover can do all of this for you.

In addition to trapping, baiting, and excluding, make your property unattractive to rodents. This will encourage them to consume the baits you placed and leave. Outside, use lidded garbage cans and remove other sources of food, like bird feeders and fallen fruit. Clean up the shed. Mow the lawn on a regular basis and pull weeds. Indoors, avoid leaving any food out overnight and be sure to take out the trash at the end of the day. Store food in airtight containers and keep surfaces clean. Finally, make your home impenetrable so that no rats come indoors. You can seal cracks with caulking and cover vents with steel mesh.

The sooner you act, the better. Rats are social creatures that breed rapidly, so their numbers will only increase with time. If you are still unsure how to exclude your shed and foundation yourself, call The Exterminators. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced in rat removal and our pest-proofing comes with a 2-year warranty. We can seal all potential entry points and drive the pests out of their nests with our one-way doors. The rodenticides we use are also safe to use in any neighbourhood as they come in tamper-proof boxes and are only attractive to rats. Call The Exterminators now: 647-496-2211.