I Found a Mouse in My House – What to Do?

Mice are some of the most common home invaders, not to mention among the most destructive animals in the world. They will eat food in your storage, damage your walls, gnaw on electrical wiring in your walls which can lead to electrical fires in your home, chew on your furniture and upholstery, not to mention fill your house with their droppings, so it is advised to call professional mice control Toronto services if you found a mouse in your house.

I found a mouse in my house – what to do?

If you’ve found mice in your home and are considering going the DIY methods to get rid of them, it’s probably the worst mistake you can make. Mice are some of the cleverest, incredibly resourceful, and most difficult pests to eliminate. Because of this mice can even find their way through airconditioners by slipping through gaps. Remember that mice can carry many deadly pathogens. But can mice have rabies? Apparently, small rodents like mice are almost never found to be infected with rabies. You might try to get rid of them by hiding all food sources, sealing every hole in walls, and even get rid of their nests. Sure by doing all these steps mice might go invisible for a while but it won’t be long before they invade your home again. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that you will trap them all considering they are quite intelligent.

It’s now worth wasting your energy chasing after mice. More importantly, it’s not worth spending a lot of money purchasing expensive mouse repellants; most of them don’t work. Instead, hire the professional pest exterminator in Toronto for the best results.

When you hire reputable and licensed pest exterminators in Toronto, they will perform a thorough inspection inside and outside your home. By inspecting the exterior of your home, they identify and seal all entry points used by mice to get inside your house.

In most cases, the mice problem often doesn’t go away even after the first visit from professional pest exterminators due to their sneaky nature. Two or more visits might help. However, if you don’t find fresh droppings or hear them running around in your ceilings after a week or so from the first visit, then you can be sure that the problem has finally been solved.

To ensure they don’t come back, avoid leaving leftover food in the sink, always seal the garbage bin and keep food in sealed containers. Please call us at 647-496-2211 and we can give you a reasonable quote for the job and will be there to help you out as soon as possible, feel free to check out our online store if you need mouse traps.