How to Kill Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets

How to Kill Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets

Cockroaches are free tenants to your kitchen. You will only see them momentarily when you switch on your lights for a midnight snack. They will immediately run away once they spot your kitchen lights are on. Cockroaches may play a vital role in recycling for the environment. However, their presence in your kitchen cabinet or sink is a big concern. You can make several attempts to maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene in your kitchen, but all your effort is in vain if cockroaches get the chance to get into your cabinets and begin tearing out your food packets. We always recommend calling professional cockroach control Toronto services for any cockroach issues. 

There are a couple of methods home users can apply to get rid of cockroaches in their cabinets for good. It is important to know that cockroaches will always return over time unless you get rid of the root of the problem which is the nest. Getting to a cockroach nest is not the simplest of practices, this is because they will often set it up high in wall crevices, floor cracks and other areas that are extremely hard to reach. Due to this, you will soon realize the best way to completely get rid of cockroaches in your house is by using some sort of poison that the cockroaches will be able to carry back to their nest infecting the rest of the colony.

How to get rid of Cockroaches in your cabinets

How to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets? Exterminators – while this is perhaps the costliest method you can use, it pays the price. Pest control experts have the experience and capability to identify and find cockroach nests. They will also guarantee a 100% success rate make sure your cockroach problem is eradicated for good.

Adhesive based traps – in case you notice cockroaches in your cabinets, you could easily get rid of them by using traps that work like glue. Placing them inside your cabinets, the cockroaches will get attracted to them and get stuck when they come into contact with the adhesive. This will only work for occasional cockroaches in your cabinet, what you need to know is the cockroach nest in your house will still be unaffected.

Poisonous cockroach bait

This is perhaps the best low-cost method you could use to get rid of cockroaches in your cabinets. It’s important to note where you will place the baits. Often, they contain poisonous chemicals and should not be placed next to food in your cabinet. Also, if your children, you might need to exercise caution where you place the traps.

Cleaning your cabinet

Good sanitation practices are critical when it comes to keeping off cockroaches in your kitchen cabinets. What you might not know is even minute amounts of foods will attract roaches. Remove all the objects from your kitchen cabinets, vacuum all the crumbs that are in the cracks and crevices. Store your food in plastic or glass containers that have a tight-fitting lid. You should also avoid storing newspapers and cardboard materials in your cabinet since they offer great hiding spots for cockroaches. In case you notice any leaks or damp spots in your cabinets, ensure they are repaired cockroaches thrive under such conditions.

Seal entry points

Cockroaches will invade the kitchen and other areas of your house at night and will hide in protected spots during the day. When possible caulk and seal up all the cracks in your cupboards and the exterior structures. You could also inspect any furniture, food delivery, and appliances for cockroach eggs before bringing them into your house.  Avoid cluttering your home, or stacking up your cabinets.

Call The Exterminators and we will send our professional pest control Toronto experts to deal with your problem. Our experts have decades of experience dealing with any pests and have all the necessary equipment to completely exterminate any cockroach population.