Do Rat Droppings Cause Health Problems?

How to Identify Roof Rats

It’s difficult at times to identify wildlife correctly. Often times one rodent looks like another and so on. But not anymore. This is the definitive guide to Roof Rat Identification.

Now just to start, roof rats are very dangerous and spread diseases like crazy. Not only that, rats can spread fleas too, especially when you have pets. So if you have them in your home you need to get rid of them, fast and the best solutions is to call expert rat exterminator Toronto. Before they make you or your family or even your pet sick as all heck.

Now distinguishing a roof rat can actually be pretty easy. They have blackish fur, their about 14 inches long, including the tail, on average. They have adorable little pointed noses and hairless little ears… okay, I’m getting off subject. Their fur is very smooth and they have a sleek look to their bodies. They sort of resembling the Norway rat but smaller and less furry.

Roof rats and crazy chewers, not like other rats. They make massive holes in your house, like 3 or 4 inches wide and they can chew through basically anything, metal, plastic, wood and concrete and can eventually Rats can create rats nests in your home.

And they are a menace to fruit trees!

Roof rats, as you would imagine, like to make their nest well above ground that can serve as entry-points for rats. They never nest underground or in a borough. They will often wander the house making gnawing and scratching sounds and leave rat poop everywhere in drawers and on the floor. Clutter is a huge problem when you have rats because they can hide more easily and generally have better access to food in a cluttered environment.

The droppings of roof rats are small and more cylindrical than other rats poop, they can get as big as half an inch long.

Now if you want to get rid of these rats, you need to take preventive measures to deal with the rat infestation you will need to find where they are nesting and set up snap traps near but not directly beside the nest. They should be baited with something strong smelling like old seafood.

So while these rats are frustrating you can get rid of them, on your own or with professional help from people like the Exterminators Inc.

The choice is clear, call The Exterminators Inc – Pest Cotnrol Toronto. today.