How to get rid of Mud dauber wasp nests_

How to get rid of Mud dauber wasp nests?

Before getting to the bottom of the problem. Recognizing the pest must be the very first thing before you try to remove the nest by yourself. After all, every wasp species has different rabbits, nest, types, and physical traits that distinguish one species from the other. Most Mud daubers are  12-25 mm long and have a slim figure. They have a slender segment between the thorax and the abdomen. They usually have pale markings or a blue metallic glisten to them that makes them easily identifiable. Besides that, these wasps have black wings as well.


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How to get rid of Mud dauber wasp nests_

Finding a wasp is a sign of a Mud dauber infestation. If the long tube-like nest has holes in it that may indicate that the colony is inactive or old because Mud daubers create holes when they leave. 

the nest can be inhabited by a more dangerous species that can hurt you. It is therefore advised to hire a professional wasp control service based in the Greater Toronto Area. Professionals are licensed experts specialized in the removal of wasps as well as their wasp nest. Mud daubers are not dangerous, but precaution must be taken when handling any type of nest.

Mud daubers usually undergo four stages of transformation which includes the last stage where it grows into a full adult. The cycle consists of the egg, then larvae, cocoon, and last but not least, adult. Like most wasp species, Mud daubers are usually active in the warmer months starting in the spring to summer. It is then that Mud daubers develop and hatch out of their cocoon. It is the females that will start the construction of mud nests. These nests are usually cylindrical in shapes. 

The Mud dauber female feeds her larvae by hunting spiders and deposits them in one of the holes and seals them up. The larvae will hatch from the egg and will feed on the spider left by the mother. Later, the Mud dauber will slowly change into pupae which take about three weeks to complete. The pupae will spin a silk cocoon to spend the winter for it to emerge next spring.

The Mud dauber nest is very easy to remove by scraping it off with a paint scraper. During the removal process you might see some spiders falling out. 

If you need to remove any wasp nest of any kind it is best left to a professional who is specialized and licensed to remove the nest safely and efficiently. Contact our reputable The Exterminators – Pest Control Mississauga expert today.