cockroach on bathroom

How To Get Rid of Cockroaches In The Bathroom – Empty Cabinets, Hire Exterminator

Cockroaches can be such a nuisance in a home. These pests are typically found in a bathroom and a kitchen more than in any other part of the house. Spotting them against bathroom tiles which are light colored is very easy. For most homeowners, this can be very annoying since it indicates the possibility of a more significant issue like a cockroach infestation and the importance to hire cockroach pest control.

The first thing to do is identify what you are dealing with. This can be achieved with a glue trap. Place it strategically overnight and check in the morning whether it traps any cockroaches. If it does, you learn about the extent of roach infestation and the exact species you are dealing with.

A cockroach infestation in the bathroom happens because they get attracted to the moisture food they can find there. So, cleaning the bathroom with deterrents and sealing cracks in walls might help stop the infestation from spreading. There are some steps you need to take to

Make sure there is no water leakage under the sink or behind the water closet. Empty cabinets and clean shelves them with deterrents, mop the floors and remove any possible items that can be used by cockroaches as food, for example, open soap, any items in cardboard boxes, toothpaste. We also recommend checking kitchen cabinets as well since cockroaches are often found there as well. You can read how to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets article that offers a wide range of solutions on how to deal with cockroaches in the kitchen.

You need to keep the bathroom clean, regularly empty the garbage that might be held in the bathroom. So, it is time to call for professional help. Professional exterminators will put the infestation under control and make sure it doesn’t spread to other rooms.

Cockroach treatment might include the use of vaporized insecticide in wall voids and hiding spots as cracks. Some exterminators can use Ultra Light Volume (ULV) mist.

Professional cockroach services include the application of commercial insecticides to remove roaches out your home that can be performed only by a professional and licensed pest control company. There are strict pesticide regulations in Ontario. So you will not be able to buy the same products and use them in DIY methods. Licensed exterminators can provide you professional treatments that contain the high concentration of active ingredients without violating the regulations of your local authority. Remember by hiring the professional cockroach control is more effective than any over the counter products or DIY methods. Call us 647-496-2211 and forget about your cockroach problem.