How to Get Rid of Ants in the Bathroom

Ants, like any other living creature, need water to survive. Typically, they receive water from droplets, puddles, and the food they consume. However, ants will also sometimes seek out areas with a lot of moisture so they can ensure they have plenty of water to survive. If you have ever seen ants in your bathroom, it is likely because they are attracted to the moisture.

When you take a shower, moisture builds up in the bathroom. If you have leaky pipes, it can also create a lot of moisture. A sweaty toilet creates moisture. So does the wetness you leave in your sink after you wash your hands and face, brush your teeth, or even shave. Fortunately, there are ways to rid your bathroom of pesky ants, the easiest way is to call you local ant control company. 

Find What Attracts Them

Any ant can invade your home, the most common species of ants found in bathrooms is Pharaoh ants. However, Argentine ants and odorous ants will also take up space in your home and create nests within your walls, including your bathroom walls.

The best way to rid these ants from your bathroom is to track down exactly what it is that attracts them. There are three factors that will attract ants to your home: moisture, food, and smells. If ants are in your bathroom, it is likely they found an attraction to moisture.

Rather than going crazy trying to find the source of attraction, take a moment to observe ant activity. Where are they entering from? Where are they going once they are inside your bathroom? Do they crawl around all over the bathroom sink? Do they swarm the base of your toilet? Do they march to your bathtub in droves?

Observing ant activity allows you to detect their points of entry and also allows you to figure out what is attracting them. If you notice them crawling all over your sink, make sure you do your best to remove any moisture. Wipe the sink and the surrounding surface try after you use it. Even the smallest amount of moisture will attract ants.

If you notice that they swarm the underside of your sink, it might indicate that you have a leaky pipe. Fix leaky pipes immediately and wipe up any moisture to help drive the ants away. Make sure you also wipe down your tub or shower between uses to dry out any moisture. If you notice them hanging around a sweaty toilet, adjust the temperature in your bathroom to avoid the moisture buildup.

Finally, seal off all entry points. Use caulk to seal cracks in your walls that ants may use to enter your bathroom. Since ants typically build their nests in your walls, they will try to gain entry through tiny cracks. Fixing those cracks will prevent them from taking over your bathroom by force.

Eliminate the Colony

Of course, even drying up the moisture in your bathroom and sealing cracks is not enough. Even if you follow those steps, there is still a colony of ants likely living in your walls. In that case, you must contact a pest control professional for help. A professional pest control company can exterminate the colony so you can enjoy an ant-free home once again. Call us today to book an appointment: 647-496-2211