How to Disinfect Your Toilet

How to Disinfect Your Toilet

Toilet bowls are one of the most bacteria-rich environment where germs are free to thrive given what we do there daily. I am pretty sure this does not need any further explanation. Disinfecting your toilet bowl regularly must be as often done as vacuuming or laundry If not more because disinfecting toilet bowls is an essential part of ensuring the health of the ones living around you. Our sanitation and disinfection company can treat your whole home with the help of non-toxic chemicals with an active botanical ingredient making it safe to use around the most vulnerable.

To properly explain how to disinfect your toilet bowl, one needs to understand the importance of regular cleaning as opposed to disinfecting your toilet bowl which can be done on a much lesser frequency as cleaning constitutes the removal and physical particles and dirt from surfaces using conventional cleaning products. To start cleaning your toilet bowl. make sure to gather all your supplies including gloves of course as cleanliness and hygiene are paramountly tackling a bathroom utility like the toilet bowl. Now what you want to do is grab a toilet bowl cleaner and spread evenly across the whole surface, make sure to flush the toilet with the seat down as to prevent bacteria launching in the air. Next is the exterior of the toilet best way to proceed with this is to spray down the tank, handle, and tank edges with cleaner and finally wipe it all down. Now what you want to disinfect is probably one of the most ignored areas of the whole toilet, namely the bottom of the toilet seat itself. Simply lift the seat, spray and while down. The next step involves a little bit more reaching and crouching and you want to get the sides and the bottom parts of the bowl itself. Now for the toilet bowl itself. You want to start top-down always scrub under the rim first before continuing downwards to the actual hole. Last, but not least, flush everything down with the lid closed. Disinfecting your toilet is one of the most overlooked things when you’re cleaning your home, it also happens to be one of the most important things in your home to clean as it essentially is a breeding ground for bacteria.  

It is important not to forget to keep your whole home tidy and clean as much as possible as the majority of us are in self-isolation battling the unprecedented effects of Coronavirus. It is important not to neglect your home as we are spending most of our time indoors. 

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