How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs

How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a nuisance throughout Canada, particularly in areas such as Ontario. If you recognize the signs of an infestation early on, it will make it easier to treat the problem. If the infestation spread, it becomes more difficult and costly to get rid of them. Detecting the signs and symptoms of bed bugs can help you identify an infestation before it grows into a large problem and one of the first signs of the sever bed bug infestation can be bed bug shedding found around your bed.


You may notice physical symptoms that you experience before you see any visual signs of an infestation. Physical symptoms can include:

  • Bed Bug Bites – Bites from these pests appear red and flat, like welts. They often appear in tiny clusters or lines that are either straight or zigzagged on your body. Bed bugs do not pose a health hazard to humans because they do not spread diseases among humans. However, the bites are often itchy and uncomfortable, and scratching them may lead to infection.
  • Discomfort – You may feel tired even after sleeping all night because your night’s rest will be fitful. Those itchy bites you have on your body, or the itch you feel when bed bugs bite will cause you to have a restless night’s sleep.
  • Unpleasant Odor – You are often told to trust your nose, and in the case of bed bugs, you should. A larger infestation of bed bugs can produce a musty odor. The smell is like wet towels or clothing that have sat too long. If you detect a similar scent, you may have a bed bug invasion.


Once bed bugs invade your home, early detection becomes a must as a call to a bed bug control company. Look for visual clues that you have a bed bug infestation, too. Visual clues will include:

  • Fecal Matter – Bed buts will leave fecal matter stains along the seams of your mattress or upholstered furniture. The stains will appear brown or even black in coloring. Usually, fecal matters bleeds onto the fabric, making it look like a stain from a marker.
  • Blood Stains – You should also look for rust-coloured stains that may look like smears or streaks on your sheets. As you roll around in your sleep, you might crush the bed bugs, which is where the blood streaks and stains come from.
  • Eggs and Shells – You may notice eggs, egg shells, or the shells of their skins they shed. Bed bugs shed an exoskeleton, which looks like an empty, somewhat clear casing that ranges in size between 2.5mm and 4.5mm.
  • Live Bugs – Finally, look for live bed bugs crawling around on your bed, particularly in the crevices of your mattress along the seams and between your bed sheets. Adult bed bugs grow between 7 and 8mm. They are unusually flat and brown in colour, which gives them the appearance of an apple seed. After drinking blood, they may look red instead of brown.

As soon as you notice the signs of a bed bug infestation, you will need to contact an exterminator. A professional can assist you in ridding your home of these invasive pests. Do not hesitate to call for help. The longer you wait, the harder they are to treat. Call the Exterminators at 647-496-2211 to deal with your bed bugs problem, we also a variety of  bed bug control products in our online store.