How Do I Know I Have Rats Just By Sound

How Do I Know I Have Rats Just By Sound

Rats are nocturnal animals, which means that you will rarely encounter them during the day. Therefore, if you have been listening to mysterious noises at night, usually behind your walls and you have been noticing a bizarre behaviour in your pet, you should consider the fact that this might be a possible sign of a rat infestation. Rats are known for causing serious damages to our properties and transmitting multiple fatal diseases, and so taking immediate action is required. Contact our Rat Exterminator Toronto Experts to serve you speedily and to put an end on your worries!

Rats are excellent climbers and jumpers, they love to gnaw peculiar objects and of course like other animals, to communicate with their tribe and let them know the possible feast sources and the unexpected dangers that are around. Consequently, there is variety of sounds that they reproduce and and below you will find a brief list:

  • Scratching: Places such as walls are dark and quiet which makes it really appealing to the rat’s eyes. Scratching noises behind your walls are often the result of them climbing and navigating between their nests and scavenging places. These sounds might indicate that rats built a nest inside the walls and you need to learn how to get rid of rats in the wall.
  • Gnawing: Rats with the goal to survive and cover their basic needs of food and water chew all types of things that seem appealing and might serve their demands.
  • Scurrying: noises usually can be heard in moments where these little creatures rush from one room to the other inside your property.
  • Squeaking: Rats differ notably from mice and their communication sounds they produce seem to be inaudible to our human ears. Despite the fact, when they find themselves into extreme stress, they produce squeaking or shrieking noises.

Sounds and noises are just one little part of the signs that can indicate their presence. Being familiar with and recognizing with other common signs is equally important. Thereupon, here is a condensed list:

  • Droppings: Rats produce up to 50 fecal pellets a day that resemble seeds  the size of approximately 1/3 inch.
  • Odour: Rats disperse urine that tends to be musky and pungent.
  • Strands of Hair: Commonly in tan, black and grey colours around holes and cracks.
  • Tampering: Bite imprints or debris can be spotted on and around food resources and their containers, on electrical wiring, on water pipes and on other items including wood, aluminium, plastic, lead, and concrete.
  • Greasy Marks: As a result of their oily fur, greasy marks might appear on and around places such as rafters, beams, door frames, baseboards and holes.

Multiple signs of a possible rat infestation exist and can be spotted in your property. Rats are experts in navigating quietly and at times that we are merged deeply into our sleeping cycles, making it almost impossible to realize their presence. Our experts integrate innovative tools in their work that makes it fairly easy for you to detect those signs. Contact our licensed and insured technicians at The Exterminators – Pest Control Toronto to serve your needs instantaneously!