How COVID - 19 Affects Rat Behaviour

How COVID – 19 Affects Rat Behaviour

Rat infestations are a regular issue that residents of the Greater Toronto area have to deal with at some point. But how does actually the pandemic times of COVID-19 affect the behaviour of rats and hence impacts our human health? Our experts at Rat Exterminator Toronto claim that the rat-related calls have exponentially increased during the pandemic compared to the numbers of the past year. If you are too worried that a rat outbreak is coming to you soon, we strongly advise you for your peace of mind and health to contact our licensed technicians as soon as possible!

Rats, as every other being, need some sort of food and water source to survive. Before the pandemic times, that was not as challenging. People would throw food leftovers in the street baskets while restaurants tend to throw plenty of trash that rats could easily benefit from. During the first close-down, with the hope to limit the spread of coronavirus, restaurants and business closed. Furthermore, humans respecting the fresh social distancing laws, stayed at home to protect themselves and their fellow human beings from this newborn virus. Therefore, all the steady sources that rats had access to, suddenly disappeared and they started having trouble sustaining themselves.

Rats panicked due to the lack of resources and rushed to find alternative survival plans keep themselves alive during this unusual period. Despite the fact that they are by nature nocturnal animals, they began to come out in the daytime even approaching humans in the streets. The pain of hunger distorted their behaviour completely, leading them into cannibalism. In many instances, where the dominant male rats are starving, they are using their strong sense of smell to locate other rat nests and gobble at once unprotected rat offsprings. Rats, in normal circumstances, prefer to stay around their nest and be active only to cover their needs. Here and now, they are ready to travel kilometres while eating and doing anything and everything to keep themselves alive, even if that means invading and bringing horror in our dwellings.

If you are as well, wondering how to prevent your house from future rat invasions, here are a few useful tips:

  • Inspect and seal any cracks and holes in the interior and the exterior of your property.
  • Keep your kitchen always disinfected and ensure you dispose of food leftovers.
  • Declutter your attic and storage spaces from redundant material.
  • Ensure that any food or water you store, is well sealed up and locked away securely.

The year of 2020 has already brought a great wave of turbulence and confusion into our lives by cause of the pandemic. Having to deal with additional concerns about your own and your family’s health can be overwhelming, bringing you into an extensive panicking state. Avoid extra troubles in your lives by contacting our experts atPest Control Toronto. We will be more than happy to serve your needs and provide to you a rat-free property as soon as possible!