How Disinfection Protects Your Office Space

How Disinfection Protects Your Office Space

Disinfecting can help your office space in multiple ways, but one needs to know that disinfecting does not equal cleaning. Disinfecting and cleaning are two widely different approaches to treating the surface area of any given object. Cleaning is referred to and defined as the physical removal of dirt, grime, and impurities from a surface area by using water, or conventional over-the-counter soap with the help of a sponge or cloth. Note that the difference will have a strong difference if we are talking about disinfecting a surface that cleaning is an important part of, to say the least.

To disinfect a surface area is to reduce the bacterial population to a safe working condition, doing so eliminates the bacteria but does not completely remove them. Wanting to remove or eliminate a microbial population to zero requires you to sanitize. Sanitization refers to the complete eliminates of microbial organisms on any given substance or surface.

 A surface of an object can be sanitized or not sanitized. The process of sanitization is an essential step in rendering medical facilities sterile to provide a safe working environment for surgeons to do their job in as to prevent the probability of infection.

Now that you are read up on cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization it is time to explain how disinfection protects your office space. As previously mentioned disinfecting a surface area reduces the harmful bacteria to what is deemed an acceptable level to work in.

Disinfection protects your office space by reducing the chances of you contracting an illness at work. There have been studies published which show a clear correlation between an office regularly disinfected versus one that has not been disinfected. Before you start to disinfect a surface area with chemicals it is important to note that surface areas first need to be cleaned before embarking on your wonderful life-altering journey of disinfecting your office space.

You see, disinfectants cannot be used on dirty or stained surfaces because these solutions are not strong enough to penetrate the compounds that make up the stain or spills, instead, it is a necessity that you remove the surface area from its physical impurities before applying the chemical.

Knowing which chemical to use at what frequency can be best left to a professional disinfection and sanitization service that can ensure that an office is properly treated with the right chemicals and tools. Nonetheless, it should not prevent you from cleaning and wiping your desk down with disinfectant wipes after the end of your shift, especially in the times we are living in right now.

With the announcement that the World Health Organization has deemed coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic, it is in anyone’s best interest to follow basic hygienic precautionary measures by washing the hands for at least twenty seconds and to stay vigilant while we all must practice social distancing. As developments continue to take place each day at a dizzying pace, we must not forget that the best methods of preventing a contraction and halting the spread of COVID-19 lie with ourselves by regularly maintaining cleanliness in and around the workplace. With that in mind, our disinfection and sanitization service can disinfect your office from every nook to every cranny leaving your mind at ease as we all are facing these unprecedented times together by using non-toxic chemicals that have a botanical active ingredient in all of them which is environmental friendly as well.