Getting Bitten at Night but No Sign of Bed Bugs

Getting Bitten at Night but No Sign of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are terribly sneaky creatures. They have adapted to live in our beds and bite us without getting caught. It is this stealthy nature that can make it hard to tell whether or not you are dealing with bed bugs. There are, however, some things you can look out for other than the bugs themselves. Feel free to give bed bug control Toronto a call if you’d like some help identifying the problem you’re having.

Bed bugs are nocturnal, flat little insects that feed on our blood. These insects are brown or reddish in colour and measure up to 6mm in length. They look a lot like apple seeds at first glance. Bed bugs typically live in the seams and folds of people’s mattresses as well as the crevices of bed frames, box springs, floorboards, nightstands, curtains, picture frames, and power outlets. Their flat physique allows them to hide in these areas very effectively. At night, about once a week, bed bugs emerge from their hiding spots and inject an anesthetic into our skin before they bite. This makes their bites go unnoticed until the next day when we wake up.

Bed bugs have evolved to bite us in our sleep when we are the least likely to notice. Infestations also often begin with only a bug or two, so you may not see any bugs for a long time. If you suspect bed bug activity, look closely at your bite marks and begin investigating the bedroom. Bed bug bites usually appear in patterns: lines, zig-zags, and clusters of little red bite marks. Take your mattress out of its bed frame and search thoroughly for bed bugs and their feces in their usual hiding spots. Bed bug droppings appear in clusters of very small black dots. You should also check your bed sheets for drops or smears of blood.

If you’re still unsure if you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, a pest remover can come to take a look for you. He or she can also apply a preventative treatment that will calm your nerves. If an infestation is suspected, a technician will apply insecticides to the infested area and may also provide your mattress with a steam treatment. What you can do to help is wash all of your clothing and linens in hot water and cover your mattress with a protective, bedbug-proof encasing that will prevent any insects from getting in or out.

It’s entirely possible that you are being bitten by bed bugs. All it takes for an infestation to start is to accidentally bring a bug or two into the home. Bed bugs are common in multi-residential buildings and shared public spaces like laundromats and hotels. If you are worried about bed bugs, give a pest control company in Toronto (647-496-2211) a call and we’ll provide you with a thorough inspection and treatment for bed bugs.