German Cockroach Control – How to Get Rid of German Cockroaches

German Cockroach Control – How to Get Rid of German Cockroaches

The German cockroach is one of the more common cockroaches in Ontario invaders among both business and residential areas. You commonly find these cockroaches dwelling in houses, apartments, restaurants, and hotels.

As the German cockroach colony grows larger, you may notice a foul odour. It is a musty and unpleasant smell. These persistent and hardy pests are hard to get rid of once they invade your home. Once a single egg enters your home, you can have a full-blown infestation in less six months. Understanding how to control and remove the German cockroach population can help.


Sanitation is one of the most important methods of control you can use when trying to minimize any pest invasion, especially cockroaches. German cockroaches have three basic requirements, which is food, water, and shelter. Eliminating what they need threatens their survivability. Once a cockroach enters your home or place of business, it does not take long for the population to expand, so that is why you need to call a professional cockroach exterminator Toronto as soon as possible.

Food Source

Along with proper sanitation, you should remove any food source cockroaches have access to.

  • Scrub down your kitchen appliances – Think of how much food, grease, and other edible debris has made its way under your fridge or stove? Scrub down your appliances and the spaces behind and underneath them to remove food sources.
  • Clean drawers and cabinets – Remove all items from your drawers and cabinets and scrub them down using soap and water. If you notice cockroach feces in the drawers and cabinets, you should also wash your eating and cooking utensils and dishes, pots, and pans.
  • Clean your floors – Mop any tile, linoleum, and wood floor surfaces and vacuum carpets to remove bits of food debris that fall to the floor when eating and cooking.
  • Designate an eating room – Make sure you and your family limit your eating to one room. If you have an eat-in kitchen or dining room, consume all your meals in that room. Do not allow anyone to eat in their rooms, the living room, or other rooms in the house to prevent the spread of a possible food source.
  • Disinfect countertops – Make sure you clean and disinfect your countertops every single night before you go to bed.
  • Seal leftover food in airtight containers – Make sure you place all leftover food you have in an airtight container and put it in the fridge rather than leaving it out.
  • Keep your sink cleared out – Wash dishes every single night. German cockroaches will seek out any source of food they can find, including bits of food left on plates, pots, and pans that sit in your sink.
  • Empty your trash cans – Empty all trash cans in your home every night. Remove the bag and place it in an appropriate container outside your home or apartment. Make sure the container has a tight lid that seals closed.
  • Clean pet bowls – If you have a pet, remove any uneaten food and clean out the bowls before you go to sleep each night.

Following the steps above will help you eliminate any food temptations, thus starving out a German cockroach population.

Water Source

Next, you will want to remove any water source that German cockroaches have access to, such as leaky faucets. You can remove water sources by doing the following:

  • Fix any busted pipes or leaky faucets
  • Take towels and dry your sinks and close the stopper before you go to bed
  • Wipeout your bathtub and showers and close the stopper each night
  • Dry out wet toothbrushes completely, or place them in an airtight baggie
  • Wash and dry wet towels after using them rather than allowing them to sit out

A water source is often a major attraction for any pest, including German cockroaches. Removing their water source will force them to seek out a new habitat to call their own.


Finally, cockroaches need a place that provides them with shelter. German cockroaches, like most cockroaches, prefer small cracks and crevices where they can hide. Fill cracks and cervices with expandable foam to seal off any habitable areas that seem appealing to cockroaches.

Looks for holes around pipes and wall fixtures and use either a caulking gun or steel wool to seal the holes up. Make sure when you shut your doors and windows it creates an airtight seal, so cockroaches cannot use these points of entry to get into your home.

Baits, Pesticides, and Professionals

Finally, you will want to use baits, pesticides, and the help of professionals to remove the current German cockroach population that plagues your home or business. When using baits, make sure you keep them out of reach of pets and small children.

Ask a professional about pesticides that are also safe for use around pets and small children. A professional can provide you with cockroach removal services that kill the population, including any unhatched egg capsules, that is safe for you and your family.

Calling a professional pest control Toronto is always the best method when it comes to getting rid of cockroaches and controlling their population. Contact the Exterminators at 647-496-2211 for the quick and safe cockroach control. We the knowledge to stop German cockroaches in their tracks. Call us to deal with this problem once and for all.  Don’t forget to check out our pest control products if you prefer DYI methods.