At What Temperature Do boxelder bugs die

Do Boxelder Trees Attract Boxelder Bugs

Yes, boxelder trees attract boxelder bugs and that is why the name refers to the trees as these bugs are attracted to them. Most boxelder trees can be found in western Canada and the US and parts of it in eastern Canada and the US. These trees in particular can be found near river flood planes and lakeshores.

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You might be wondering why these boxelder trees attract so many boxelder bugs in the first place and the answer is quite simple. The reason why these trees attract these boxelder bugs is because of what these trees provide these boxelder bugs which makes them want to stay too close. The sap is the main reason and also because the tree gives the bug a lot of protection. This is why the bug is mainly attracted to these trees.

So, if boxelder trees are so important then why move into my house?

The answer can depend on a multitude of factors that can depend on the circumstances. It might be that one tree is not enough for the number of bugs that want to take advantage of it. These elder box bugs will go elsewhere to get their nutrition and their shelter and the best place to do so might be your home.

Boxelder bugs are the most active in the warmer periods around the spring and the summer and will come to areas where there is enough soon-to-be-seen. Boxelder bugs prefer warmth and sunny places in your house. Even though not harmful, boxelder bugs are the cause of anxiety and unease since these insects like to congregate throughout the property

Where do boxelder bugs go on your property?

Most boxelder bugs really light to take advantage of the sun and will in most likely places be on the sunny side of the exterior of your property. They are true outdoor sun enjoyers and will take their time in the sun. On the other hand, when the weather is a little bit adverse, these bugs will seek refuge in man-made structures in and around the property such as sheds, piles of wood, stones, and underneath decks to hide away for warmth and protection.

How do you get rid of boxelder bugs?

There are a lot of DIY ways to get rid of boxelder bugs, but the best way is to hire professional licensed and insured exterminators that can identify the extent of the infestation and exterminate them with a proven methodology that removes them guaranteed. Professionals start to identify these areas of high-level infestation by doing a thorough exterior and interior inspection.

Once these have been identified, the technicians will go on to start the actual extermination of these boxelder bugs. The way that professionals handle these box elder bugs is by using commercial-grade pesticides to get rid of these bugs. Professionals are the only ones that can get rid of these bugs effectively.