Are Boxelder Bugs Harmful to Humans?

The good news boxelder bugs are not harmful to humans. They may look menacing to some but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are menacing. At the most, these boxelder bugs will bite leaving only a slight red mark that can irritate the person who got bitten.

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In other instances, these insects can emit a foul odour to keep people away. This happens when these insects are smashed or squashed. Another side effect of this is that it can leave a red mark, which is why it is not recommended to squash them on sight.

So, what steps can you take against these box elder bugs?

Suck boxelder bugs up!

Yes, you can vacuum these bugs just fine. This is better than the alternative of stomping them to death. The key is to vacuum them on sight immediately with the nozzle positioned in such a way that the process should be as smooth as possible. The best way to go about these bugs after vacuuming is to discard them right away since there is still a possibility of them being well alive.

Close gaps and holes also known as entry points to prevent boxelder bugs!

Like any insect, this boxelder box will take any opportunity to get inside the house through any available hole or gap. Areas that are especially vulnerable are areas around the windows and the door since these boxelder bugs only measure 13 mm in size. Box elder bugs are particularly active when it’s warm, so caution is needed around periods of warm temperatures.

Soap and water mixture

As with many bugs such as the cockroach, this mixture seems to be highly effective as well as the boxelder bugs. You need to make your own soapy mixture that consists of just water and soap and target the mixture on the bug. What will happen is that the mixture will essentially penetrate the exoskeleton and will suffocate the boxelder bug.

Borax power!

It seems that borax is the solution for all bugs! What you need to do is to sprinkle the borax powder around areas where these bugs seem to hang out. A small inspection doesn’t hurt. Wherever you see these bugs, sprinkle powder and that should deter them from visiting these spots. The downside of this method is that you can’t obviously sprinkle everything. Another downside is the potency will dwindle after a while.

Professional Boxelder Bug  Extermination from The Exterminators Inc.

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