Do Bed Bugs Make Nests in the Home

Do Bed Bugs Make Nests in the Home?

Bed bugs are some of the most common pests in the world. International trade and travel have enabled these pests to spread to every country. Bed bugs travel well, but they prefer to live sedentary lifestyles in which they will inhabit the same places for the rest of their lives. They do not make nests, per se, but they live in large groups that gradually become larger and larger. If you need help dealing with a bed bug infestation, call bed bug control Toronto.

Bed bugs are nocturnal, blood-sucking insects that look a lot like apple seeds. These bugs measure up to 6mm long and are brown or reddish-brown in colour. Bed bugs are drawn to the warmth of our bodies while we sleep at night and they can smell the carbon dioxide we exhale. When they bite, bed bugs inject an anesthetic into our skin so that they can feed uninterrupted. This is why you may not notice a bite until the morning after when you wake up. People usually get bed bugs by accident when they stay in hotels or by living next to infested homes.

Bed bugs do not make nests like bees or wasps, but they do live in groups. Bed bugs live rather sedentary lives in which they hide in our furniture and only come out at night to feed. Typical hiding spots are mattresses, bed frames, box springs, headboards, night tables, floorboards, power outlets, and loosened wallpaper. Bed bugs will live and multiply in these areas indefinitely; they will stay as long as there is a host who sleeps in the room at night. Bed bugs may only spread into the surrounding rooms when there are too many bed bugs in one place and there are other hosts nearby.

It doesn’t take long for bed bug infestations to get out of control. A single female bed bug will produce one to five eggs a day and as many as 500 eggs in her lifetime. If you suspect any bed bug activity in your home, you should call a pest removal company immediately. A technician will apply the latest and most effective pesticides that work much better than those available in stores. He or she may also complete a steam treatment on your mattress, which eliminates bed bugs at every stage of the lifecycle, even their eggs.

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