active bed bug monitors

Do Bed Bug Detection Devices Actually Work?

Bed bugs detectors are effective for checking whether you have bed bugs or to assess the progress of a recent extermination. Although effective, bed bug detectors are good at just that, detecting, and cannot be used as a standalone pest control method. They must be paired with professional extermination and prevention for the pest control process to be successful.

Bed bug traps work much the same way as bed bug detectors and are equally ineffective for bed bug control although they are good for checking for infestations.

Types of Bed Bug Detectors

The two main types of bed bug detectors are passive and active detectors.

Passive Bed Bug Detectors: these detectors are typically fitted under furniture legs such as beds or sofas and have a rough, simple incline on the outside that allows bed bugs to climb easily. The top is hollow allowing the insects to climb inside but the interior wall is sleek and steep so the bed bugs can’t climb out. This is a good way to check whether or not you have bed bugs and even estimate the size of the infestation from the number of bed bugs you catch in the trap.

Active Bed Bug Detectors: as the name suggests, active bed bug detectors actively attract the pest using a combination of heat, carbon dioxide and more recently pheromones. The bed bugs mistake the device for a host and climb in only to be trapped. Again, this is a good method for checking the presence and size of a bed bug infestation. Active bed bug detectors are more effective than passive ones. They are even used in street cars, buses and cars. You might be wonder can you get bed bugs in your car? Yes, you definitely can and in certain regions of Ontario it is very common issue.

Canine Bed Bug Detectors

There has been a rise over the last 10 years in the number of canines bred and trained specifically to sniff out bed bugs. These canines are able to detect bed bugs in all stages of life and boast up to 97% accuracy.

Canines are great for early detections and can smell as little as a single bed bug. This is still a developing industry and most people will do just as well with commercial bed bug detectors. The most commonly used scent dogs, in this case, include Labrador Retrievers, beagles and Belgian Malinois although there isn’t really a preferred breed where scent detection is concerned.

Professional inspection stands out as the best way to confirm whether or not you have bed bug bugs. The expert can tell details including the size of the infestation and possible combinations of treatments that are most likely to work.

Identifying Bed Bug

Pest identification is a crucial element of a successful extermination otherwise you may be treating for the wrong invader. Bed bugs are about a quarter inch long, reddish brown in colour, oval shaped with a flat back and roughly the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs that have recently had a blood meal may look inflated.

Other signs of bed bugs include finding their exoskeletons. Bed bugs molt or shed their skin five times before maturity. You may also notice small, black spots on your bed sheets which are fecal spots from the digested blood. Lastly, bed bug bites are small and red usually in a linear or zigzag pattern while mosquito bites tend to be more random. If you need an effecient and quick way to get rid of your bed bugs look no further than Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto. Your stop for everything bed bugs!

Hire an Exterminator to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Hire a professional bed bug exterminator to remove bed bugs in Toronto permanently. These critters are about the size of an apple seed which gives them infinite hiding places including behind wallpapers and in picture frames. Only an expert trained eye and vast experience can find and treat all possible hiding places. Call Pest Control Toronto now for a consultation: 647-496-2211

Like most household pests, bed bugs have developed resistance to common pesticides. The potent active ingredients needed to kill the pests are only available for sale and use to licensed professionals. Only an experienced exterminator can guarantee that the bed bugs are removed permanently and the house protected against future infestations.