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Curbing the Spread of COVID-19 at Home

In the uncertain time that we are living in together where cities and countries have been put to a virtual standstill, we must not forget that the best guard against infection is dependent on ourselves. Globally, orders have been given to citizens to stay home and to only leave for essential errands. Essential buildings and facilities are left open such as pharmacies, medical clinics, and grocery stores while non-essential services have been ordered to cease work, especially those that require close contact with clients such as barbershops, clothing stores, and other retail stores.

This lockdown of the city has given people the time to rethink the role that cleaning and disinfection play in their lives as we practice social distancing by staying 2 meters away, or are most of the time at home participating in self-quarantine to curb the spread of the Coronavirus that have paralyzed societies around the globe in unbelievable large numbers.

As government agencies are rethinking their strategy against the global common enemy, we must start thinking of doing the same right in the comfort of our homes. Essential supplies are constantly being purged from store shelves such as toilet paper, hand sanitizers, and masks in large quantities making this lockdown resemble somewhat like an ongoing Boxing Day that does not seem to have an end to it. As government agencies are constantly introducing new measures and prolonging the lockdown based on new findings; the number of cases is surging which seems to develop only in a span of a few weeks.

Government officials and leaders around the world have implemented strict measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus and have even started instating hefty fines against those who do not obey the critical 2m social-distancing rule. It is a way to make the public aware that there are grave consequences attached to not following the rules which even comes at a cost far greater than financial loss, namely, the loss of human life.

Disinfection Home COVID 19

We all have heard it all before: Wash your hands, wash your hands, and again wash your hands. And for a good reason too. This is because washing your hands is the best defence against spreading bacteria around as we tend to touch everything and anything with them. People must not forget about the billions of germs that are left on surfaces touched by multiple people a day. Such as doorknobs, handles, light switches, computers, and yes, even our most beloved possession, our phones. Read more on how to disinfect important personal items as well as disinfecting several spaces in your home and the importance of professional disinfection service Toronto.