Allergic Reaction to Carpenter Ant Bites

Carpenter Ant Bites and Allergic Reaction

Carpenter ant bites are notoriously painful, causing inflammation and swelling around the site of the injury. The skin around the bite is tender and irritated, and you’ll often feel an itching or burning sensation. These symptoms often linger until the puncture site has healed. To prevent a possible injury from carpenter ants consider hiring Carpenter Ant Control Toronto!

If you suffer from a serious allergic reaction to the carpenter ant’s bite, you may go into anaphylactic shock. Anaphylaxis is caused by a severe reaction to the formic acid that the ants inject. Symptoms include:

• Breathing difficulties

• Swelling of the throat and restricted airways

• Rapid heartbeat

• Flu-like symptoms

Treatment of an allergic reaction to carpenter ant bites

Anaphylaxis should be treated as a medical emergency.

If you are with someone who is bitten by a carpenter ant and has an allergic reaction, act immediately. Monitor the victim’s condition for the following:

• Cool, pale, and clammy skin

• Weak, rapid pulse

• Breathing difficulties

• Confusion

• Loss of consciousness

Call for emergency medical help right away.

Keep the victim lying down and, if possible, elevate his or her legs. If the person stops breathing, you will need to administer CPR. Keep checking the victim’s pulse.

How to use an autoinjector

Most people who have a known anaphylactic allergy carry a device called an autoinjector. An autoinjector device is a combination of a syringe and concealed needle that dispenses a single dose of medication when it is pressed against the person’s thigh.

If the person has an epinephrine autoinjector, use it immediately by pressing the device into the victim’s thigh and activating it.

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