Common Spiders in Toronto

Common Spiders in Toronto

There are over 800 species of spider in Ontario, each with its own set of appearances and characteristics. Some are active hunters, some build webs, and others burrow into the ground. Spiders are everywhere. If you find them creepy, however, rest assured that only a handful are common in Toronto. For more information on spiders and how you can keep them under control, reach out to The Exterminators. We provide safe and effective solutions to all spider problems.

The House Spider

House Spider

The house spider is the most common species of spider in North America. With its legs outstretched, this species measures 2.5cm long and appears yellowish brown with spots on its legs. The house spider builds cobwebs and can be seen both indoors and outdoors, hanging from corners and trapping flies, mosquitoes, ants, butterflies, and other pests.

The Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider

There are several different kinds of jumping spiders out there, but the one we see in Toronto is very small and fuzzy-looking. This spider measures between 4 and 20mm in length and usually appear black with white-striped legs and white triangles on its body. Contrary to the house spider, the jumping spider does not catch its prey in webs, it hunts them. The jumping spider can jump up to 20 times its body length and is usually found in sunny areas, such as windowsills.

The Yellow-Sac Spider

Yellow-Sac Spider

The yellow-sac spider, also known as the black-footed spider, is beige or yellow, and the tips of its legs are brown. A faded stripe runs down the length of its abdomen. This spider measures 5-10mm long and has one pair of legs that are longer than the others. Like the jumping spider, this species hunts its prey and delivers a powerful bite. The yellow-sac spider is most active at night and hides in a small web during the day.

The Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

The wolf spider is the largest of Toronto’s spiders, measuring up to 3cm in length. Native to Canada, this spider has a thick set of legs and comes in shades of brown, orange, black, or grey. The wolf spider is usually spotted outdoors and chases its prey instead of spinning webs. Wolf spiders are quite solitary, so infestations are rare.

The Cellar Spider

Cellar Spider

As its name would suggest, the cellar spider likes to hang out in cellars, basements, crawl spaces, garages, and other quiet areas where it is dark. This species ranges from pale yellow to grey and has long, skinny legs that reach 5cm in length. Sometimes referred to as daddy longlegs, the cellar spider builds large webs to catch its prey.

Spiders are common throughout the Greater Toronto Area, but they should not cause alarm. Spiders are effective at keeping other pests like mosquitoes and ants under control and they usually come in small numbers. However, if there is a concerning amount of spider activity on your property and you want them gone, give us a call. We provide lasting solutions to all spider problems. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in all forms of pest control and would be happy to help. Call The Exterminators today: 647-496-2211.