case-study-crawl-space-cleaning-and-disinfection-in toronto

Case Study: Crawl Space Cleaning and Disinfection in Toronto

Exterior Inspection 

A technician was called in to disinfect a crawl space that was heavily infested with rats. The total area that needed to be disinfected was 144 Square feet with two feet of clearance. Technicians need to work in incredibly tight spaces in order to do work in crawl spaces and such.

Technician actively working. Crawl spaces are very cramped spaces.

 Initial Measures Taken 

To combat the smell, the technician used a fogger and ONA gel. These are great for neutralizing odours and decontaminating the space since foggers use highly concentrated chemicals that can penetrate walls and surfaces. The bulk of the work was done by removing debris and things in the crawl space. Since the crawl space is usually filled with rubble.

Before work could even start, the area needed to be cleared out. Rats thrive in these spaces.


The rat case was a success, and the case was successfully closed. The smell was notably lesser when they came back for exclusion and the property was fully excluded to make sure no wildlife animal could take advantage of the property anymore. It is very important to know as a property owner to be able to recognize the signs of a rat infestation and what to do against it. Over-the-counter measures have little effect because of the lack of active ingredients and lack of knowledge that is needed to deploy these rat poisons effectively. Need to get rid of pests so they won’t come back? Call The Exterminators at 647-496-2211

The crawl space was eventually successfully decontaminated.