are carpenter bees dangerous to humans

Are carpenter bees dangerous to humans in any way?

Carpenter bees look fairly innocent when you compare them to other wasp species. This is due to the fact that many people mistake them for bumblebees. They are solitary bee species mostly found in regions where there is an abundance of wood. The unique thing about them is that they create individual cells by making holes in untreated wood. These nests resemble perfect circular holes that are 16mm in diameter. As with carpenter ants, they are often mistaken to eat the wood in order to create the holes.

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Carpenter bees dangerous to human Health

This is not true. Instead, they discard the small pieces of wood called ‘frass’. This frass looks a lot like wood dust and can be found right underneath fresh entry-points. Whether the carpenter bees are dangerous to humans, depends on the case and depends on whether you are confronted with a male of a female carpenter bee. it is mostly males that only display aggressive behaviour and it is the females that have the ability to sting. When you see a carpenter bee nest do not approach it in any way because even the slight agitation might give the bees an excuse to attack. Carpenter bees do pose a danger in the sense that if the person that got stung by a carpenter bee is allergic he or she might need immediate medical attention. 

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Carpenter bees usually like to nest themselves into softwoods like cedar or oak and can, therefore, be attracted in large numbers to your property. Since carpenter bees are considered seasonal pests they can come back the following year and create even more holes and thus put the structural integrity of your wood in danger. 

On the internet, there are many home remedies to keep carpenter bees at bay, but the truth is that these are mostly temporary in nature. the best way to go about this is to hire a professional pest control company to take care of all your pest control needs without putting yourself in harm’s way.