Can Vacuum Cleaners Kill Cockroaches?

Can Vacuum Cleaners Kill Cockroaches?

Cleanliness is very important when treating an area for cockroaches or preventing them from moving in. These pests are attracted to any sort of food that is left out, so maintaining a clean environment is very important. If you happen to find a cockroach in your home while vacuuming, you can absolutely use the vacuum to remove it. But watch out! Cockroaches can survive inside the vacuum cleaner, but can cockroaches survive washing machine? Mostly likely not. And if you find one cockroach, there are probably several others hiding nearby that you cannot see.

Cockroaches are beetle-like insects that invade homes, restaurants, and other buildings in search of food and warmth. These pests have existed for millions of years, long before humans ever roamed the planet. The German cockroach is the most common species in Canada. Brown or tan in colour, this roach measures between 11 and 16mm long. Cockroaches reproduce quickly – a female cockroach can give birth to as many as 300 roaches in her lifetime. As omnivores, cockroaches will eat virtually anything. They enjoy whatever food is left out in the kitchen, and any crumbs or dirt they find on the floor. Cockroaches will even eat food that is inedible to us, like soap, toothpaste, or cardboard! So, limiting food sources and keeping things tidy is a sure-fire way to help prevent an infestation. Call cockroach extermination service to get professional treatment.

As part of the cockroach treatment and prevention process, cleaning and vacuuming the home is key. It is recommended that you wash your dishes every day, that you store your food in sealable containers, and that you take out the trash every night. All surfaces should be clean of crumbs or grease. Because cockroaches love moisture, it’s also a good idea to ensure that there are no leaks in your plumbing. Sealing cracks and crevices in your kitchen cabinets is also a good idea as it blocks entry points. Knowing how to prevent them in your kitchen cabinets can save you a lot of headaches.

Vacuuming the house on a regular basis is a great deterrent for household pests. And while cockroaches are likely to perish when vacuumed, vacuuming alone will not clear an infestation. To properly treat an infestation, a combination of treatments must be carried out by licensed professionals. Technicians have access to commercial-grade mists, dusts, baits, and gels that draw the pests out of their hiding spots and break the cockroach life cycle. Vacuuming reaches only a few cockroaches at a time and cannot get to them properly. There is also the risk of the cockroaches surviving within the vacuum and escaping. Eggs can also survive within a vacuum cleaner bag and hatch inside. 

A professional at The Exterminators Inc. can answer whatever questions you have about cockroaches. If you currently have a cockroach problem and would like to have it eliminated once and for all, reach out to us. We take a comprehensive approach and perform full crack and crevice treatments to safely and effectively eradicate the issue.