Can Cockroaches Do Any Harm?

Can Cockroaches Do Any Harm?

Can cockroaches do any harm to humans whether in the home, office or restaurant? If you’ve ever had a close experience with these creepy crawlers then you should read this. Cockroaches could be a real pest or PR problem in the kitchen, home or office. Besides the economic waste, they create cockroaches could pose some form of harm to the residents. There are so many reasons not to have them around in the first place or get rid of cockroaches fast. Call our cockroach pest control services if you need help: 647-496-2211.

What Cockroaches are

Cockroaches are omnivorous insects of the order of Dictyoptera and feed on plants, meat, and other substance. They are oval-shaped and fast-running creatures achieving over three miles per hour. There are over 3,500 species of cockroaches in the world with the most prevalent in Canada being the German (Blattella germanica), oriental (Blatta orientalis), American cockroach (Periplaneta Americana), and the brown-banded cockroach (Supella longipalpa). However, cockroaches enjoy the cover of night to scavenge for food in the home aided by their long antennae. They usually prefer a moist and warm environment, the kitchen, cellars, bathrooms, and restaurants for shelter and food.

Of all the available species of cockroach, only about 10 of them can be found in Canada.

5 Reasons Cockroaches Can Cause Harm

How poisonous or dangerous are cockroaches to humans? Can cockroaches do any harm to you? Now, here are five reasons for which you need to get rid of cockroaches in your home before they wreak havoc or harm you:

Cockroaches Pollute your food

Even in its raw state or as cooked meals roaches take delight in contaminating your food. However, because they are crawling animals they usually visit sewages, rundown buildings and other places with pathogens, microorganisms, and bacteria. They also feed on dead animals and plants, glue, leather, soap, strands of hair, paper, fecal matter, etc. Having eaten these or visiting bacteria-infested locations they ingest the bacteria.

When cockroaches eventually gain access into your homes it is primarily to survive or feed. As cockroaches crawl on leftovers, open foodstuff and more they end of contaminating anything they come in contact with including food. Roaches also leave parts of their hair, empty eggshells, dead skin or defecate on the food. Now, that’s how cockroaches can do you harm.

Cockroaches do bite

No, cockroaches are not carnivorous animals but they can eat human flesh and can bite. Even in some cases, cockroaches not only eat dead but also living beings. They can feed on human hair, eyelashes, fingernails, hands, and feet. And the worse part is that cockroach bites can result in wound infections, lesions, irritation or swelling. However, this does not happen so often except in extreme situations of a shortage of what to eat and over-population in one location. But if they have access to exposed meals or waste bags they don’t need humans. However, you might need to know how to prevent cockroach bites.

Entering body parts

Besides eating your food and other documents or materials there have been cases of cockroaches gaining entrance into the nose and ears of humans. When a person is asleep it is possible for small-sized cockroaches to find their way into a person’s nose or ears.

Cockroaches can poison your food

Cockroaches can serve as host for bacteria like the bacterium Salmonella responsible for causing food poisoning and typhoid fever. There are known cases of food poisoning linked to cockroach infestation. Therefore, as they crawl around and have access to open food and more they contaminate and spread the bacteria.

Cockroaches spread diseases

Because cockroaches have ingested bacteria when crawling on bacteria-infested locations and materials they can deposit them in your food. As cockroaches regurgitate they can inoculate meals or surfaces with bacteria. And any contact with their digestive fluid or saliva can result in ailments like digestive issues, urinary tract infection, and sepsis.

Also, cockroach saliva and body parts contain bacteria that could result in allergies. Such reactions include sneezing, watery eyes, skin rashes, and asthma. Breathing in cockroach allergen can cause even those not suffering from asthma to become victims of cockroach asthma.

Quick Remedies to Cockroach Infestation before they do any Harm

  • You could adopt home remedies, DIYs like using vinegar, baking soda, etc. to help control the cockroach population. However, these solutions might not be long-lasting. It’s always best to seek professional pest control company for assistance.
  • Empty trash can, keep all garbage properly tied to eliminate breeding rooms for cockroaches.
  • You could use pesticides to get rid of cockroaches. But it is a temporal measure since each pesticide works for specific situations. There are different stages and levels of infestation and not all pesticide can get rid of cockroaches by simply spraying.
  • Spray boric acid wherever there are crevices, cracks or holes to kill cockroaches as a temporal measure. Also, try to seal off cracks to limit access to cockroaches.
  • Dispose of trash regularly and clean hidden locations cockroaches can hide. Keep the entire home neat.
  • Do not leave leftovers and other food particles strewn around the kitchen. Also, ensure foodstuffs are in tight containers.
  • Fix all leakages from the sink, bathtub leaks, pipe leaks and more to avoid moisture for cockroaches.
  • Keep the refrigerator area, basement, etc. clean.
  • Dispose of any old item no longer needed like chairs, old fridge, etc. as they can harbour cockroaches.
  • Vacuum clean chairs and other materials that have been infested with cockroaches to kill the eggs already laid.

Most ailments related to a cockroach infestation, fortunately, might not be deadly. Except for Salmonella, responsible for typhoid and more some others will leave the victim with feverish feeling. Other illnesses include diarrhea, stomach aches, etc. But it’s always the best practice to seek professional medical help early in case of a health-related issue.

Now it’s so important to know how much harm cockroaches can do to you or other residents. It’s rare to find a home or office that has not had an experience with a cockroach before, baby or adult. But with the right measures for prevention and elimination, you can enjoy relative peace and quiet. Cockroaches not only feast on food but other non-food materials when the food supply is low. Or when the cockroach population is higher. But consulting a professional pest control company to identify the exact situation can help. A professional cockroach exterminator Toronto that can guarantee greater results by eliminating cockroaches and provide lasting solutions. The Exterminators Inc. always looks for reputable pest control Toronto technicians and the GTA, feel free to check our career page and pest control technician jobs in Toronto.