ant on wall

Can Ants Live in My Home Throughout Winter?

Ants live together in colonies that may consist up to a million insects. The small insects can be frustrating, pesky and could leave you frustrated. But can ants live in my home throughout the winter? Absolutely yes. The insects will still survive even in winter when thick snow accumulates. Spotting ants during the winter months suggests there exists a colony somewhere in your structure away from the harsh elements. Such a colony is most likely situated in an inner house wall, away from the elements and even in condo buildings. Pharaoh ants in apartment building is a common issue in Toronto.

How Do They Survive During Winter Months?

Ants are omnivorous insects but most get attracted by sugar and any other edible substance which they find on their way. They’ll also require water in order to survive. Among the things which may attract them to your home include uncovered food, exposed pet food and empty containers. If you see ants in any part of your home, its important to check places such as your washrooms, kitchen, basement, under the sink and other places.

To get rid of ants, it’s important to act smartly. The best ways to achieve this is not to give them any reason to come inside your house by cleaning spills and making sure that your pets don’t carry foods around. Rotting fruits and vegetable should be disposed. Containers which contain sugar and jam jars should be kept sealed throughout. However, it’s important to know that ants will inhabit even the cleanest basements and kitchens especially when they are foraging. If you are seeing ants call The Exterminators and set up an ant extermination appointment. Call: 647-496-2211

What Ants Remain Active During the Winter Months

Potential species of ants that remain active in the winter time are pharaoh ants and carpenter ants. While carpenter ants are most active during the spring months they can remain active during the months of the year that heating is running. Pharaoh ants are tiny little yellow ants, while carpenter ants are large black.

When you see an ant, you shouldn’t just kill it and think you are done. This is because ants never travel alone, they live in colonies. Whenever one leaves, it leaves a trail where other members of the colony can follow. You may kill the ants and remove the carcass, get rid of attractants in the area by scrubbing the surface with soap. You should consider spraying the inner and outer parts of your home. However, its hard to get rid of all ants in your home, so strive to keep them at the minimum. You may also consider calling in pest control professionals who will help get rid of the ants from your premises. Call The Exterminators – Pest Control Toronto: 647-496-2211