Best Mouse Snap Traps

Best Mouse Snap Traps – Victor Snap Traps, T-Rex, Victor Tin Cats

Having a mouse infestation in your home can be very troubling. Besides the fact that they disturb your peace with their incessant squeaks, mice urine and droppings can be very smelly and cause health hazards. To do proper mice control, it is advisable to hire a licensed exterminator who can offer professional treatments by using snap traps or rodenticides. These rodenticides have higher concentrations of active ingredients than found in over the counter products. The use of rodenticides when dealing with mice in areas of high activity is known to produce positive results.

There is a different option besides the use of rodenticides as there are a variety of traps. Licensed exterminators also make use of the best mouse snap traps – Victor Snap Traps, T-Rex, and Victor Tin Cats, but need to what attracts mice to your house first hand when dealing with them.

1. Victor Snap Traps:

This brand is over a century old and remains consistent in its quality. It is a wire snap trap constructed with a wooden base and a metal trip pedal. The superior quality of this product combined with its effectiveness is the real reason behind the sale of over one billion snap traps. Its ability to deliver clean and instant rodent control makes it a reliable snap trap. Once a mouse triggers its metal pedal, the springs close to kill it on contact. It can be used several times since all you have to do is lift the metal bar to dispose the dead mouse. They can be used indoors or outdoors on paths where mice travel.

2. T-Rex:

It is difficult for any mouse captured by this mechanical trap to escape. It has a patented interlocking teeth and is easy to set. Following the way it blends trigger sensitivity with trap velocity, it ensures that any mouse which steps on it is successfully captured. T-Rex can be safely placed on mouse runways with baits to attract mice.

3. Victor Tin Cats:

This mouse trap can be used indoors or outdoors to catch as much as 30 mice per setting. It is a reusable live trap which does not kill mice. Just capture mice and release them outside your vicinity. Ensure you know your local laws and regulations regarding the release of captured mice.

Remember that do it yourself methods can prove to be costly while providing no guarantee of success. There is no overstating the importance of hiring a professional exterminator to perform the work. Their services include inspection, extermination, as well as rodent proofing. They also guide you based on their versed knowledge of the strict pesticide regulations in Ontario. Contact the Exterminators for mice control services at 647-496-2211.