Avoiding Being Bitten by Cockroaches

Avoiding Being Bitten by Cockroaches

Did you know that cockroaches bite? Cockroaches will bite if they feel threatened or extremely hungry, and some are likely to than others and you need to know signs of cockroach bite. It is important to know that cockroaches are timid creatures and will not dare come close to humans when they are awake. Most of the time (if they ever bite) will happen when you are asleep or inactive.

Preventing a cockroach bite is far more preferable than having to treat it afterward. Therefore, to be able to prevent cockroach bites, you need to understand their behaviour. Cockroaches are scavengers. They will feed on dead animals as well as food that they find on surfaces or floors. They are attracted by dead animals and food. Therefore, to prevent chances of being bitten by a cockroach you need to decrease these two things. Call The Exterminators for professional cockroach exterminator Toronto services.

Methods to prevent cockroach bites

Hire an exterminator- hiring an exterminator is perhaps the most effective method you could use to prevent cockroach bites in the future. For one, their service is guaranteed. Exterminators have the experience and skill on how to get rid of cockroaches in your home. They can easily locate the cockroach nest and get rid of your cockroach problem for good.

Practice clean habits

Food is a cockroach attractor. Since most of the cockroach bites happen when we are sleeping, simply make sure that you do not eat where you sleep. In case you have particles of food scattered in your bedroom, it will attract cockroaches.

Crumbs in your bed will stick on your skin, and cockroach attracted to the meal will bite you in the process. Having dirty dishes in your bed also means that cockroaches will crawl up your sheets as you sleep. In case you wake up during sleep, you could scare the cockroaches forcing them to bite. Practicing clean habits in your sleeping spaces will prevent you from getting cockroach bites.


If you have cockroaches in your home, and you also have wounds, scabs or scratches, there are a couple of things you need to do. Clean everything with an alcohol wipe, avoid using drinking alcohol since they often include sugars which will attract the cockroaches. Use rubbing alcohol that you can get in a pharmacy. Cover your wounds with bandages so that cockroaches will be unable to get to the dead parts.

It is important to note that if you do not have cockroaches, then you will not need to worry about preventing cockroach bites in the first place. There are numerous ways you could get rid of these creepers, however, getting an exterminator is a sure and guaranteed method to get rid of them entirely. In case you and your family suffer from cockroach bites when you sleep, contact our pest control Toronto services to help you get rid of your problem.