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Most often an increase in fly activity points to a much more serious problem. Once on location we will be able to identify the root cause and deal with the problem.We are fully equipped and licensed to ensure your fly problem is solved. We know how to find the root cause of the problem, eliminate adult flies as well as their breeding grounds. Effective pest control solutions for flies.

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Fly Problems

Although flies do not necessarily pose any direct danger they can present significant health risks indirectly. They feed on contaminated organic material and can transfer pathogens. Apart from the fact that they travel from one unhygienic surface to another without any hesitation whatsoever, their very feeding style contributes to the problem. The common house fly first vomits a fluid from its stomach onto the food it intends to suck through its feeding tube, then sucking up this fluid along with the dissolved food back into its stomach. As a result the fluid remains on the food it has just fed on, and with it, the fly also leaves behind a long list of diseases.

At The Exterminators, we are aware of every health hazard that a fly is capable of spreading, and therefore, we always recommend that the presence of flies, even when they are small in number, should be taken seriously.

So if flies have taken over your home or business space, and if you are looking for a comprehensive and safe solution to the problem, call us on 647-496-2211 today, and we will tackle this menace for you promptly.

Whether it is inside your home, in your cabin in the office, or outdoors, no space seems out of bounds for these insects from the order Diptera, and although they are not as invasive as other parasites such as fleas or bed bugs, they do cause enough of nuisance to be labelled as a troublesome pest.

Common Types Of Pest Flies

The order Diptera, which flies belong to, is a large one and contains around 1,00,000 species, with around 150,000 being awarded descriptions by the scientific community. Thankfully, not all of these insects find their way into human homes!

Among the most common species that are found in and around human habitat are the False Stable Fly, the Stable Fly, the Drain Fly, the Bottle and Blow Flies, the Fruit Fly, the Flesh Fly, the Cluster Fly, the Black Garbage Fly and the Drone or Syrphid Fly.

Among these, the Fruit Fly, the Drain Fly, the House Fly, and Cluster Fly are the ones that cause the most nuisance in a household.

The Fruit Fly

Fruit Flies are called fruit flies for a reason, and although these flies do not primarily feed on fruits, they do tend to increase in number during fruit season. Apart from causing problems in kitchen and dining area these flies are also found in any other type of setting where food is rotting or fermenting.

Although these flies make their presence felt during fruit season, they are around throughout the year, it is only because they increase in number during a particular time of the year that they are more visible. While fruits and other food are a favorite with them, any surface where even a hint of fermentation is present, like bottles, cans, trash bins or even cleaning mops, are a favorite with fruit flies. Fruit flies can be a nuisance pest in many restaurants. Call the Exterminators for effective fruit fly control Toronto solutions.

The Drain Fly

Drain Flies are also known as Sink Flies, Moth Flies, Filter Flies or Sewer Gnats and there are at least 4700 species of these flies alone all over the world. Drains, sinks and sewage systems are their favorite haunts, and hence the name.

These black or brown flies measure around 1/8 inch and are easily identifiable by the veins that run on their wings. Although other flies too are often found in areas such as drains, these flies are the primary residents of such locations and are rarely found on any other surface. Apart from drains and sinks, sewers, septic tanks and even soil that has traces of sewage.

The House Fly

They are the larger of the common fly pests in restaurants and are black. They feed on a wide variety of food, carcasses, excrement and human food. A female can lay hundreds of eggs that only require less than a day to hatch in warm conditions found indoors. On average house flies can live for about a month and can grow from egg to adult fly in just over a week. They are major disease carriers and can pose a serious threat to our health. They deposit their eggs in unclean areas, garbage cans, bins, or other unclean ares behind appliances where food scraps or grease can accumulate over time. Because they can easily make their way indoors in a restaurant getting rid of them requires the installation of fly lights and traps. A licensed exterminator can in some cases apply a localized insecticide spray.

The Cluster Fly

Cluster Flies are also known as Attic Flies and stick to earthworms when it comes to their diet. The female cluster flies usually lay their eggs near the burrows of earthworms, which is mostly outdoors, and the larvae of these flies then infest the earthworms there.

However, when the adult flies from these larvae emerge during the tail end of summer or in the autumn, they tend to enter homes in search of a safe place to hibernate, and this is when they cause a considerable amount of nuisance. They find inaccessible and unfrequented places like the roof, the attic or unused rooms to spend their hibernation period and often go unnoticed. But enter these places for any reason, and you are in for a nasty surprise!

Health Hazards Associated with Flies

Although flies do not attack human beings like certain pests, or feed on a host’s blood like bed bugs or fleas, they do pose a long list of health hazards that are indeed quite serious. Flies are capable of spreading pathogens through their bodies, their feces, their feeding tubes and even through their legs, which they use to perch on some of the dirtiest and unhealthiest of surfaces.

Some of the more diseases that flies can spread are serious. Several diseases spread by flies are not only serious, but can also cause permanent damage and even death if left untreated.

Therefore, in spite of their small sizes, the threats posed by these tiny insects should never be taken lightly. Even a single fly is capable of causing serious diseases, so one can only imagine what a few dozens of the species can do. Therefore, when it comes to flies, elimination is the best choice.

Professional Fly Control Solutions

At The Exterminators, we know just how much of a nuisance flies can be, and of course, the health hazards they are capable of make them even more of a pest. We also understand that the methods of removal of flies strictly depends on their species and therefore, our pest control technicians are not only aware of every fly removal solution in the book, but are also well-trained in identifying the type of fly that is causing you trouble. We will get to the root cause of the problem. Guaranteed fly extermination. Call us today on 647-496-2211 and book an extermination. We will ensure prompt, comprehensive as well as guaranteed services.

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