Why to Remove Infested Carpenter Ant Tree

Why to Remove Infested Carpenter Ant Tree

Carpenter ants are very fond of wood and what can be better than a tree stump which can provide the carpenter ant queen to establish an empire? The reason why trees need to be removed from the property is that the tree can serve as a bridge and can invite ants to spill over into your house. It is best to contact professional carpenter ant exterminator Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible!

  Carpenter ants on your property can bring with them a range of problems apart from the thousands of ants on your property looking for food. When temperatures and weather do not mix well together they can easily find shelter in the comfort of your warm and dry home which increases the chances of establishing a new colony because of the abundance of food and water.

Having carpenter ants can damage the structural integrity by nesting areas behind your wall as many older Ontario homes have crevices, holes, and foundational gaps through which they find their way in. The constant plague of having carpenter ants in your home can have consequences to food safety because of how easy it is to contaminate surface areas and food on every surface they walk on.  Not to mention,  that they can easily damage wooden furniture such as desks, stools, and cabinets. To tackle this problem efficiently it is highly recommended that you hire a pest control service in the Greater Toronto Area to get rid of carpenter ants permanently with the help of non-toxic and environmental-friendly treatments.

To spot signs of an ant infestation, keep your eye out for a pile of carpenter ant sawdust as this usually is an indication that carpenter ants have found their way in by tunneling. Carpenter ants are nocturnal creatures which make it hard for them to spot as they usually are active during the night. It is not recommended to treat the problem yourself through home remedies as these methods are usually a temporary fix. 

As we all are dealing with the immediate effects due to the coronavirus outbreak, our technicians at Pest Control Toronto have taken precautionary measures to ensure the safety and comfort of all our customers. This includes the deployment of non-chemical treatments during our visits which will not require any leave from home at all to comply with social-distancing measures practiced by people all over Canada. We have also started wearing protective gear upon request and will wear it.