What to do about a wasp nest in the wall

What to do about a wasp nest in the wall

Removing a nest in a wall can be a very difficult challenge with the added problem of reachability. This makes it especially hard for inexperienced DIYers to remove a nest all by themself. It is therefore advised that you hire a professional wasp removal service situated in the Greater Toronto Area for swift and efficient removal of the wasps and nest in question. Seeing a nest outside or even inside a wall can be an unpleasant feeling. It can compromise the structural integrity of the wall in question in danger as the nest expands and grows larger in size contributing to the population in great numbers. If you want to embark on this project alone know that there are risks attached to remove the nest without any proper training which can result in serious bodily harm. Those who have been experiencing allergic reactions might want to steer away from dealing with the problem themselves. 

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To first start the removal of the nest yourself you might want to figure out where the wasps enter and exit. It’s good to observe the flight pattern and pay attention to where they slip into the wall. 

The second step is a bit more involving as it asks you to seal up entry-points where the nest is located.  Seal up entry-points with sealant. This will not give the wasps the opportunity to escape as the formulation is applied. The wasps are not able to fly into other parts of the house such as the garage or the attic.

By hanging lure you will get a chunk of the population of the wasps out and make way for you to safely handle the formulation and make it more effective. This will spread the formulation at a better density in getting rid of the colony single-handedly.

Drilling one hole into the wall where the nest is located should be big enough the fit the applicator to spread the formulation.

Insert the applicator end of the formulation into the hole that you just made. The formulation based on what type of pesticide will puff out the formulation.

This will take several times and will take several applicators before noticing results.

The choice is yours is what to do with the nest. In some cases it might be possible to scrape off the nest into a garbage bag. People should weary of surviving wasps. This is not advisable to do and sealing of entry-points will be sufficient to discourage and block future colonies from settling.

It is always best to hire reputable Pest Control Toronto services for quick and secure removal by licensed and trained professionals.