What Are Silverfish and Why Do I Have Them

What are Silverfish and Why Do I Have Them?

Are there silverfish crawling around your home? Silverfish are odd little creatures that are found in homes across North America. They are mostly harmless but give most people the creeps. Silverfish may also cause damage to carpets and furniture, so it is best that you get rid of them as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them and keep them out of the home. If you are interested in having an inspection or treatment for silverfish, give us a call.

Silverfish are silver, teardrop-shaped insects that measure between 12 and 19mm in length. They have long antennae at the front of their heads and two appendages on the other end. Silverfish are attracted to humid areas where they can find starchy foods. Unlike most other bugs that eat insects and plants, silverfish like to eat household objects like carpet fibers, upholstery, glue, cardboard, and paint. Silverfish are commonly found in basements, storage rooms, and bathrooms where they can munch on these inanimate objects. They get into the house through drains or openings in the walls.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

You can eliminate silverfish by crushing them on the spot or by setting traps. Sticky traps are available in stores and can be placed in the dark corners of infested rooms. Alternatively, you can make your own traps by wrapping a jar in tape and placing a piece of bread inside of it. Silverfish will climb up the tape and get stuck inside the glass interior. You can also roll up a wet piece of newspaper and wait a few days for silverfish to crawl inside. Then, take the paper out in the garbage. Diatomaceous earth is another non-toxic alternative that you can buy in stores. Simply line the walls with the powder to eliminate silverfish over time.

Keep Them Out

For permanent results, make the home as inaccessible and inhabitable to silverfish as possible. Reduce clutter, tidy up, and do a deep clean. This will remove hiding spots and sources of food. You may also want to replace old cardboard boxes with plastic storage. Store dry good in sealed containers. Then, set up a dehumidifier if infested areas are humid. Check that bathroom fans are in good working order. Finally, block entry points by replacing any broken bug screens you may have and sealing cracks in the window frames with caulking. Move firewood and leaf piles away from the walls of the home.

Call an Exterminator

Professional pest removers have the tools and experience to get rid of silverfish effectively. Their pesticides work better than anything sold in stores. They eliminate silverfish on the spot and have a residual effect that keep insects from coming back. If there are silverfish in your home, reach out to the professionals at The Exterminators. The members of our team are thoroughly trained and highly experienced in all forms of pest removal. We can tell you where the silverfish are coming from and keep them from coming back. Call us today for silverfish removal in the GTA.