Wasp Nest in Ground – How to Kill a Wasp Nest in the Ground

Ground wasps can become a nuisance, especially if they build their nest just too close to your home. Their stings are very dangerous to allergic people and children. Therefore, once you realize that ground wasps have built a nest or colonized a burrow in your backyard, the most prudent thing is to dig out the nest and so send the pests away. A wasp nest in ground can be dealt with safely and effectively.

However, it is noteworthy that removing the ground wasp nest is very dangerous as the ground wasps inside can feel threatened and turn aggressive, and this could cause them to sting you, your family members or even your pets to defend their nest and young. To reduce the risk of stings and ensure you completely banish the insects from your property, hire a licensed wasp removal technician in Toronto.

Learn how to kill a wasp nest in the ground. A ground wasp nest usually starts small in the spring – just about the size of a golf ball. It continues to grow through the seasons. The nest is so tenacious so much so that it remains active during the winter months. At their prime, the colony can grow as large as a basketball, and in this state, they become unduly aggressive. Most importantly, if the nest grows to this size, then refrain from exterminating or otherwise banishing the ground wasps by yourself. Instead, you should seek the services of a licensed pest exterminator.

A mature ground wasp nest found in the late summer requires professional treatment, of course, the nest now contains thousands of individual wasps. The painful and dangerous sting isn’t the only reason you need help. So, if you try do-it-yourself methods to eliminate ground wasps, you might do more harm than good as you could end up contaminating the environment and hurting your family and pests in the process. Moreover, you don’t want to find yourself on the long arm of the law using proscribed insecticides. Ontario has very stringent pesticide regulations. For example, you can’t use class 9 pesticides to kill insects on lawns, patios, driveways, schoolyards, vegetable gardens, etc.

Professionals don’t just deal with the ground wasp infestation; they also employ safe and efficient ways to prevent the pests from returning to the property.

Also, when a single ground wasp is disturbed or squashed, it releases pheromones that attract more of them, leading to bigger attacks. This means you can’t employ piecemeal attacks on their nests or colonies – you need to render a devastating blow on their nests, so they don’t release the pheromones to attract other wasps and cause a stinging party in your residential or commercial building. If you fail to kill all of them once, they can start over, repopulate, or their young ones can come back later.

Therefore, it’d be wise if you hire the services of a licensed pest exterminator to deal with the menace rather than doing it yourself and risking a lot in the process. Aside from our wasp nest removal services we offer a section of wasp control products.

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