The Best Way to Get Rid of Rats in Basement

The Best Way to Get Rid of Rats in the Basement

Rats are a nightmare to deal with. They’re messy and destructive and they quickly get out of control. Rats living in the home will ruin the insulation between your walls, contaminating it with feces and urine. They are also carriers of disease, putting your health and the wellbeing of your family at risk. Thankfully, there is a solution. What you will need is patience and a good bit of elbow grease. Call The Exterminators today for an inspection and rat control solution. We can help put an end to your rat problem.

One of the most efficient ways you can get rats out of the basement is to install a one-way door. This lets rats out of the house while blocking their return. Rats that burrow into basements usually go in and out of the home in search of food. If you can find the opening they use, you can attach a one-way door to it. Call a local pest removal company and ask them for an inspection. A technician can locate the opening, then exclude the home entirely, leaving only a one-way door to the opening the rats have been using. Rats will start leaving the house in a few days.

Once you have gotten the one-way door set up, set some traps in the basement. The technician you hired can do this for you. Bait the traps with a little bit of meat or peanut butter, then check on them every day. When you catch a rat, spray it with disinfectant, then put on a pair of gloves and throw the animal out in a sealed plastic bag. To get rid of the rats you evicted, ask the technician to install some bait stations. These are containers of rodenticide designed to attract rats. After a few ingestions, the rats will perish in their burrows.

In addition to the one-way door and the baiting program, it is important that you clean up the house. Rats may avoid the traps and baits that you set if there are other food sources available. Deep clean the house and keep all foods out of reach. Store your pantry goods in airtight containers and do the dishes every day. Don’t leave anything out overnight, like pet food, garbage, or dirty dishes. Vacuum regularly and wipe surfaces clean. The cleaner the home, the more likely the rats will go out the one-way door and eat bait.

Rat exterminations take patience. The best way you can get rid of the rats in your basement is to clean the home, set up a one-way door, and target the pests with traps indoors and bait outside. Give the treatment a few months to work. Check the traps every day and have a technician refill your bait stations regularly, so that you suppress the rat population outside. Call us if you are struggling with a rat problem. We can locate the pests’ entry points and exclude them for you. We offer comprehensive rat control services in which we force the rats out and eliminate them quickly.