The Best Pest Control for Earwigs

The Best Pest Control for Earwigs

Earwigs are common in gardens throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Despite their large pincers, these are harmless little insects that feed mostly on decaying plants. Infestations indoors are rare, and they can be kept under control with regular maintenance. There are a variety of pest control products available to target earwigs and many strategies that you can adopt to keep them off your property. If you are dealing with a severe infestation of earwigs, call The Exterminators and a technician will provide you with an effective solution: 647-496-2211.

When purchasing insecticides for earwigs, look for ones that are specifically formulated for this pest. Many pesticides target crawling insects altogether, so be sure to read their labels carefully and ensure that earwigs are included. Recommended pesticides contain permethrin, pyrethrin, esfenvalerate, malathion, or boric acid. For best results, apply the chosen insecticide around the foundation of the home and throughout the garden in the evening, before earwigs emerge to feed. Check that the insecticide is safe for edible plants before applying. You may also use these insecticides indoors in areas of earwig activity, such as the baseboards and window frames of infested rooms.

Natural alternatives include diatomaceous earth, rubbing alcohol, and homemade traps. Diatomaceous earth is an abrasive powder that cuts earwigs and other insects when they crawl over it, like broken glass. Simply pour the powder where you would put insecticide, such as flower beds and window wells. You can also make a homemade spray with equal parts rubbing alcohol and water. Spray this directly onto the earwigs themselves or in areas where you have seen them, and it will dry them out. Finally, you can make traps by mixing soy sauce and olive oil together in containers and placing them throughout the yard.

For long-term earwig control, manicure the yard on a regular basis. Keep the lawn cut short and discard of grass trimmings so the pests have fewer places to hide. Get rid of leaf piles and move organic materials away from the walls of the home, such as firewood. Then, seal entry points to avoid an invasion indoors. Using a silicone caulking or expanding foam, seal the openings in your window frames, door frames, siding, and utility lines. Fix or replace window screens and put floor sweeps on exterior doors. Finally, install a dehumidifier in the home if humidity is above average.

If the earwigs on your property have gotten out of control, reach out to a local pest remover. It may cost more than a bottle of pesticide, but hiring a professional is a sure-fire way to get rid of earwigs. Professionals have the licensing required to use highly effective pesticides and they have the experience to give you valuable advice. They can identify the causes of your earwig problem and provide you with a solution that lasts. For safe, reliable, and affordable earwig control, call The Exterminators. Our technicians are experienced in all forms of pest control and would be happy to help.