rats nests in the gardens

Seeing Rats in Your Garage- Tips to keep them Away

It’s quite unnerving to step out into a dark garage, and upon switching on the light, rats scamper away. If you have this problem, then it’s likely that your garage is indeed a welcoming place for them to be. The rule is that, if you spot a rat, living or dead, there’s a high chance that there are more, you’re just yet to locate them. Rats are notoriously fast breeders and there being one, its offspring and others should be somewhere in your garage hiding away.

You don’t have to go far to find evidence. Rat droppings chewed or clawed containers, packages, wood, and cables are an indication that they are lurking around. If there’s a pungent smell, then it’s likely that you’re dealing with a corpse. If you spot these signs, don’t shrug it off or throw out a box or two of junk. You should drop everything you’re doing and deal with the rats issues before it nests in the home.

Keeping rats away from your garage: cleaning tips

Pick a day where you’ll remove everything from the garage. Rat control tips can really help you deal with keeping rats at bay. Depending on the clutter you have, you’re likely to come across a rat or two taking covers. Be prepared for these by having someone close by to trap them. Traps can be very effective tools if you know how to use them properly Avoid doing more; you want to call a Toronto pest removal company that deals with rodents, dead or alive. You also want to have protective gear on, at the very least gloves, when handling rats.

Once you have everything out, do a thorough cleaning of the area, and seal off entry-points that lead outside to avoid a return. With a spring clean and using antibacterial and other detergents, your garage should be restored. However, when putting things back, there are three things you should be aware that attract them: the presence of food, water, and possible hiding spots. You also might consider killing rats outdoors but you need to know local regulations about killing wildlife.

Food: the rat chose your garage because they were able to find sustenance. They feed on anything; things that don’t have room in your pantry to pet food that you have stored away. Even fruits and vegetables are considered food. If you have a garden, it’s likely that they followed the trail to your garage. Therefore, ensure that you have tamper-proof containers and storage for your food items, pet food, and even seeds.

Water: Just as with food, rats won’t stay in one place if there’s no water. If you have equipment that drips or a leaking pipe, ensure that you call a plumber to fix them. Clear puddles that form for whatever reason to avoid giving rats a reason to stay.

Tight spaces: if in an unfortunate event a rat sneaked into the garage after you’ve done your part of decluttering and clean, the first places they’ll go to are places they can hide. Rats look for dark areas where they can’t be spotted and hunted down. At this point, you need someone who’s familiar with rat patterns to help you detect possible hiding spots.

Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company

An exterminator from a reputable company can help in identifying weak points. They can also spot possible entry points and proceed to look into spaces in the wall that rats can enter and breed. Once they have exterminated the rodents, you can be assured that they’ll clean after themselves, leaving nothing behind that can attract other rats.

Getting an exterminator is by far the best option, especially if you’re fearful of rodents and need someone to do a thorough job to avoid a reoccurrence. From sealing entry points to offering sound prevention advice, a professional pest control Toronto company is a sure bet to a rat-free garage for years to come.