Pharaoh Ants on the Defensive

Pharaoh Ants on the Defensive – Splitting Colonies With Multiple Queens

Ants are a highly evolved species with exceptional survival instincts which is why the species is so successful. Disease carrying pharaoh ants in Canada are some of the worst ant infestations particularly for their ‘Budding’ or splitting behavior.

Pharaoh ants are tiny (averaging about 1.5 to 2 millimeters in length) which enables them  to invade every nook and cranny in the home including in ceilings, bed linen, in between books, in wall electrical outlets and other difficult to reach areas. These ants look similar to the thief ant but the former is identified by its two nodes between the thorax and abdomen. The baiting technique is particularly necessary especially if dealing with pharaoh ants in an apartment or condo

Splitting Colonies with Multiple Queens

As previously mentioned, splitting (more often called ‘Budding’) makes pharaoh ants particularly troublesome and difficult to exterminate.

Pharaoh ant colonies often have multiple queens. One or more queens may mobilize a few workers (as few as 10), some pre-adults and even eggs and go on to form a separate colony. The presence of multiple queens means that there is an exponential chance of multiplying and forming new colonies.

Splitting may happen for a variety of reasons including overpopulation, food scarcity or if the colony is disturbed. This last reason makes spraying pharaoh ants not only ineffective but almost certain to split an existing colony. Professional exterminators only use bait treatments and generally prefer non-repellant bait. Pest control technicians in Canada have a wide range of formulations, bait brands and active ingredients to choose from after an initial assessment of the infestation. So, if you suspect pharaoh ants you need to call ant extermination company as soon as possible.

Eliminating Pharaoh Ants – Baiting

Only about 5 to 10-percent of pharaoh ant workers leave the nest at a time to forage for food. Spraying a line of ants therefore means you only kill a negligible number of all the ants. Furthermore, the remaining workers and colony goes on the defensive by splitting, leaving you with a worse problem than you had before.

Exterminators first identify the areas where the ants like to forage and place baits in these areas. The treatment may include obscure places such as attics and wall voids. Multiple baiting sites mean that workers from all the colonies existing within the house or structure feed on the bait. The workers also carry the bait back to the nest(s) for the rest of the ants to feed on.

Extermination can take up to a year depending on the severity of the infestation while the baiting program easily extends for several months. Exterminators continue to place bait even after there are no visible sites of the ants’ presence.

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